EXCLUSIVE: Elite 2015 Top OL Recruit Adam Solomon Talks Michigan State and More

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Elite 2015 Top OL Recruit Adam Solomon Talks Michigan State and More

It is hard not be impressed when it comes to offensive tackle and 2015 prospect Adam Solomon out of Bishop Chatard High School in Indianapolis. The guy is a beast, standing at over 6’6 and weighing in at 290 pounds. He has polished footwork and natural athletic ability that simply cannot be taught. More importantly than any of that though, Solomon is an outstanding young man who exemplifies the character, integrity, and class the MSU football program has prided itself on under Head Coach Mark Dantonio.

While the Spartans have not officially offered him scholarship just yet, Solomon told Hondo Carpenter Sr. during a recent interview on Spartan Nation Radio that MSU is very interested in his services and that the two sides have frequently been in contact. “I’m still in the process of that. I’ve been in contact with the coaches and they really do like me and they really like what I have to offer,” he said. “They are pushing hard to keep me in contact with them and keep seeing the campus and getting a feel for what Michigan State football is.”

While a long ways away from making any official decisions about where he will eventually end up, Solomon made clear that MSU, if they choose to offer, will be at or near the top of his list and that he has nothing but respect for the Spartan program.

Regarding MSU, Solomon said, “it’s a big school, it’s a great program, a legendary program,” adding, It’s a school that I have always been a fan of and school I’d love to be a part of and a team I would love to be a part of as well.”

Having already visited campus twice, Solomon was impressed by the vibrant environment around MSU and the football program. “It’s a very exciting and fun place,” he said. “It’s a very beautiful campus, they have great academics as well. It really is a one of a kind school.”

So far, Solomon’s primary recruiter has been Offensive Coordinator Dave Warner, a fact that should reflect just how interested the Spartans are in landing Solomon in 2015. Despite only knowing him a short time, Solomon said he could tell Warner is a stand-up guy. “I’ve gotten to meet him a few times and sit down and talk to him,” he said. “He really is a genuine man. He’s a great coach but also a great recruiter and a great family person. He is everything you’d want in a coach, so I really do like him.”

While his talent on the field is obvious, Solomon is truly a better young man than he is a football player. Coming from loving and supportive family, he has been taught the importance of faith, integrity, and hard work. His parents, he said, have instilled in he and his two brothers an understanding that football is not the only important part of their lives and that it is essential to be a well-rounded. “We’re going to have things outside of football we are going to have to deal with them,” said Solomon. “That’s their goal, to teach us that and get us to heaven one day and I am really thankful for my parents and all that they have done for me.”

A person of deep faith, Solomon said takes great pride in his beliefs and has no shame in admitting that. “My beliefs,” he explained “are what they are going to be and I am always going to stand by that because none of this is possible without God.” He emphasized that regardless of what other people say or believe, he will stick to his convictions. “My faith is something that is always going to be strong and meaningful and part of my character.”

Anyone who thinks Adam Solomon is just a football player truly does not understand this exceptional young man. The program he eventually chooses will receive talented player but an even more gifted human being. He has no timetable yet planned for when he will make his final decision so be sure to stay up to date with Spartan Nation for news on his recruitment.