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One of the Nation's Top 2015 OL George Brown Jr talks Michigan State with Spartan Nation!

The times are a-changin’ in East Lansing.

Michigan State football has made huge strides in the seventh year of the Mark Dantonio era. Rolling to an 12-1 record, a Big Ten Championship and a Rose Bowl appearance, the Spartans have burst onto the national scene.

As a result, highly-touted recruits continue to be interested in becoming Spartans. One such top-notch prospect showing serious interest in the Spartans is George Brown Jr., a member of the 2015 recruiting class. CLICK HERE TO VIEW HIS AMAZING FILM.

One of the most coveted offensive linemen recruits in the country, Brown has offers from around 40 schools from coast to coast. Prominent colleges from nearly every conference have shown interest. Michigan State remains right in the mix with top-flight programs such as Auburn, Florida, Clemson, Oklahoma and LSU.

Brown recently spoke with Hondo S. Carpenter, Sr. on Spartan Nation Radio, discussing the recruiting process and his journey to the spotlight.

The light bulb first lit up for the Cincinnati native after his first scholarship offer – from the University of Kentucky. “That was a big thing for me,” Brown said. “I really wasn’t expecting it, but it was a blessing.”

The offers kept flowing in, as colleges from conferences across the country came calling. The junior at Winton Woods High School became one of the most sought-after offensive linemen in the 2015 recruiting class.

After watching Brown play, it’s easy to see why college coaches are so excited about this youngster. The 6’6, 260 pound product has been blessed with great size, fast feet and remarkable wingspan. His attitude and style are perfect, too. Brown plows over opponents regardless of size, speed or position. When Brown lines up against you, he’s not happy until the backside of your pants have grass stains even Mom can’t get out. Brown blocks relentlessly, not giving up on his quest to pancake his opponent until the whistle blows.

The secret to Brown’s astounding strength is his dedication in the weight room. His dad owns a training facility allowing Brown to work out whenever he pleases.

“It really hit me after my sophomore year that I needed to start hitting the weight room and training to get more athletic and get stronger,” Brown said.

But perhaps Brown’s most appealing quality is his versatility. He can play either guard or tackle effectively. He has the speed and stoutness a guard needs, plus the length and athleticism required to play tackle. Though Brown prefers offensive tackle, he could play either position in college, making him an even more valuable commodity.

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Michigan State is right in the mix with the other 40 or so other schools competing for this top recruit. Brown stated that Michigan State has a legitimate shot of securing his talents for at least three years.

“I like Michigan State a lot,” Brown said. “Coach Dantonio recruited my older brother, Aaron, and I also know many of the players at Michigan State now, like Shane Jones – he worked out a lot with me last season … Coach Barnett went to school with my father, so I know most of the coaching staff as well.”

Brown has not determined his decision date. He wants to allow the recruiting process to play itself out and find his dream school.

“I’m taking it a little at a time, just taking my time,” Brown said. But I really do enjoy it.”

The bright lights of the media’s recruiting coverage have not inflated Brown’s ego, thanks to his family. It’s hard to be egotistical when you have down-to-earth parents and multiple brothers who have played Division I football.

“My parents raised me very well to respect others and be disciplined, so I guess I have to thank my parents for that,” he said. “They just tell me to stay humble because God could take anything away from you at any time, so you just have to stay humble. That’s the main thing I’m focusing on.”

Brown is thankful for his parents, who have helped him to where he is today.

“My parents mean a lot to me. I live with my dad now, though, but it’s just because I wanted to move in with him because he has his own training facility and everything, and I knew he would push me to be a better athlete and a better person,” Brown said. “I think he got me to where I needed to be.”

Brown’s parents have also raised him to be a caring member of the community who recognizes the needs of others, especially those of children.

“My little brother is on the basketball team so sometimes I go help him and coach,” Brown said “My dad and some of his friends coach a little league football team so sometimes I help coach the football team too. I just talk to them and tell them they have to work hard and listen to the coaches.”

George Brown Jr. would certainly look great in Green and White. The Spartan Nation would be overjoyed to see this hard working, talented class of 2015 offensive lineman recruit in East Lansing. Brown has the size and skills to go far. All Brown needs to do now is follow the advice he offered on Spartan Nation Radio to little kids with big NFL dreams like him.

“You have to work hard because everything’s not going to be easy,” Brown said. “You just have to keep pushing through it. Sometimes you’re going to fall down, you just have to get back up and keep working hard.”