Predicting the 2012 Michigan State Football Schedule

Hondo S. Carpenter

August 31, 2012 Boise State East Lansing, MI

The Big Ten is loaded with great coaches, but the Spartans will face no one better than the Broncos’ Coach Petersen. He is the real deal and the rest of the BCS schools should be thankful that somehow they keep him in Boise. With his eye for talent and ability to develop players and coaches, he is among the nation’s five best head men. The Spartans will not blow out Boise, but with so many questions, the Broncos can’t find enough answers against a great Spartan team. WIN 1-0

September 8, 2012 Central Michigan University Mount Pleasant, MI

The Spartans go up against one of their own in Dan Enos and it doesn’t matter. The Spartans will roll the Chips. WIN 2-0

September 15, 2012 Notre Dame, East Lansing, MI

 Mark Dantonio doesn’t like Kelly and Kelly doesn’t like him. This matchup is going to be a battle, the Irish will be down a key player, and Kelly will be out coached. The Spartans win with a wide margin as Dantonio sends a message. WIN 3-0

September 22, 2012 Eastern Michigan, East Lansing, MI

This EMU team has a lot of UM connections and the Spartans know it. They will not face them like they do WMU and CMU (the other Michigan directional schools); they will be out to make a point. MSU rolls big on a career day for Andrew Maxwell. WIN 4-0

September 29, 2012 Ohio State, East Lansing, MI

The Buckeyes will come in well-coached and with a lot of talent. Braxton Miller will be tortured by the MSU defense and the Spartans will win it. This game will be closer than what some may think, but the Spartans will prevail as the class of the Big Ten. WIN 5-0

October 6, 2012 Indiana Bloomington, IN

The Hoosiers are a sleeping giant. OK, when you quit laughing I know of three major college football coaches that covet that job and think it is just that. Coach Wilson is NOT the answer and I think this loss to MSU will be the start of what will be his swan song at IU. WIN 6-0

October 13, 2012 Iowa East Lansing, MI

The Hawkeyes will be well-coached and I expect a tight game. In the end, Maxwell will show great discipline and the Spartans will prevail. WIN 7-0

October 20, 2012 Michigan Ann Arbor, MI

Records don’t matter in this game. The Spartans will run the ball and an ever improving UM team will give them all they want. Maxwell will lead the Spartans on a game clinching mid fourth quarter drive onto an 8-0 record and their fifth win in a row in this series. WIN 8-0

October 27, 2012 Wisconsin Madison, WI

The Spartans will head on the road and the Badgers will be lying in wait.  Two very good teams will battle until the end, but a late mistake by MSU lets the Badgers kick a game winning field goal as time expires. LOSS 8-1

November 3, 2012 Nebraska East Lansing, MI

The Spartans have had this game circled for the last year. Angry over a last second loss to the Badgers, the Spartans will be out for blood.  The Cornhuskers are a coach away from being a national contender every year.  Dantonio exposes Coach Pelini from Nebraska and the Spartans win by double digits. WIN 9-1

November 17, 2012 Northwestern East Lansing, MI

The Spartans struggle with the Cats again. The Spartan D shuts the Wildcats out, but not before Maxwell makes a dazzling broken play scamper for a later score and the Spartans win. WIN 10-1

November 24, 2012 Minnesota Minneapolis, MN

 The Spartans can smell blood in the water. They will close strong and finish the season in the top five of the nation. They struggle early as they look ahead to the Big Ten Championship Game, but a halftime speech by Dantonio that could peel the paint has the Spartans winning by three scores. WIN 11-1

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