Spartan OL Chris MAGNUS McDonald Fired Up for 2012 Campaign!

Spencer Turkin

The focal point of any football team is the Quarterback. He takes on the majority of media and fan appearances while also shouldering most of the criticisms that
come with playing Big Ten football. In order for the Quarterback to do his job and lead his team, there must be strong wall in front of him. That is where the
Offensive Line comes in. The most important aspect of football is a game of inches…literally. The Line of Scrimmage is where the most work
takes place and the least amount of credit is given. No one notices the linemen, unless they draw a holding penalty of course.

5th Year Senior Guard Chris McDonald can’t believe his last season in Green and White is upon him.  Developing into one of the best linemen in the Big Ten hasn’t been an easy process.

“It feels like it was yesterday when Jesse Miller took me under his wing and showed me everything I needed to know,” said McDonald. “Now it’s my turn to show these young guys that are coming in right now, I have to show them the ropes. It’s just crazy that I’ll be done in December and hopefully have my best ear yet.”

Heading into the 2011 season, the O-line was criticized for being the weak link of the Spartans. Now with leaders such as McDonald, it is considered the strongest position group in East Lansing.

“I love the fact that my senior year, the O-line is the strongest unit,” explained McDonald. “Being an o-lineman, you don’t get that much recognition and you want
that. I’m really excited that we are the strongest unit and we are going to do something great.”

With the departure of Kirk Cousins, McDonald and his line mates are charged with protecting a new Quarterback, Andrew Maxwell, who is the future of Spartan Nation.

“No one is the same as Kirk Cousins,” explained McDonald. “You have to find your own way and Andrew Maxwell knows that. He is a leader and as a Quarterback, you have to be a leader. He knows he has to step up and he is doing a great job. He is going to lead us to wherever we go and I’m really excited for him.”

In addition to Maxwell, McDonald also knows he has one of the most powerful runners in the conference lining up in the backfield behind him in Le’Veon Bell.

“It’s all about trust,” said McDonald. “The running backs know we are going to block, they trust us. When they have the ball in their hands, it’s magic.
Watching Le’Veon Bell do what he does is awesome.”

The Michigan State football program has made great strides since the arrival of Mark Dantonio.  The players who have committed to play under him and continue to do so all highlight his special relationship with the young men both on and off the field. It is an important aspect of his coaching that helps everyone involved re-examines football in the scope of the game of life.

“He is a father figure,” said McDonald. “We are all 18,19,20,21,22 years old and away from home. We have that respect for him as the Head Coach, but off the field, he is our father figure. We don’t want to disappoint him, he truly cares about us and it is like a father-son relationship. He cares about our lives and what we do besides football. You want that type of relationship with your own son when you become a father.”