Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails Notre Dame Edition…

Hondo S. Carpenter

Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails Notre Dame Edition…

Jack Allen looked like a beast last week filling in for Jackson at center. If Jackson can go, does Allen head back to guard for the ND game, and if he does which guard does he replace? Andrew

Dan France


Hondo, you talked last week before the YSU game that Taiwan Jones could possibly be overtaken at the LB spot by Jairus Jones just for the ND game because of his telegraphing of blitzes. Do you still expect Jones to overtake him this week? Kim

I have said and maintain that Jairus Jones will be the LB because of that reason. I also do not expect Taiwan back from his injury in the YSU game. Taiwan is a special player, but even Coach Narduzzi has said that he telegraphs the blitz “Worse than anyone on our team.” It is because of that I thought Jairus would take the spot, a decision made easier because of the injury.


Hondo, Andre Sims seems like a nice young man, but if he loses his job as a punt returner because of fumbles who do you want to see take it? He replaced Nick Hill because of his fumbles so I don’t know why they would go back to him. Nathan

IF the coaches made the decision to move away from Sims I agree that they have already been there and done that with Hill. I know that the players and many of the coaches are intrigued with MacGarrett Kings and if the decision is made, let the youngster take a shot.


Hondo, I just don’t understand why you, Joe Rexrode, Matt Charboneau, all act like Deanthony Arnett is so bad. He is really good. They need to set him free and let him play. Greg

I can’t speak for Matt or Joe, although they are both great journalists and friends, but I can say this. You say he is really good and we have not seen that. Perhaps you are privy to some secret double hidden information, but do you think the coaches enjoy the lack of production from the wideouts? Do you think they fought so hard to get him eligible only to bench him? Here is the reality up to this point: you say he is good and he isn’t. That isn’t a statement of his character, it is about his production. He has to show that he is good and frankly he hasn’t. I would love for him to reach all the potential that the talent God has given him has, but he isn’t even close. We can agree that we hope to see him get there. Now until he does, I will not answer anymore comments about him.


Hondo, do you have any thoughts on the play of Trevon Pendleton? Darrell

Great football player and a better kid. We are working on a major feature about him next week while the Spartans are in their first bye week. He has played at a very high level. USF was a bit of a struggle, but during WMU and YSU he owned it and played outstanding. Watch for the feature next week on the “All American Boy!”


Hondo, after hearing you talk about Tommy Rees and the pre snap read I am worried. Why couldn’t you have just let me have a nice week of delusional relaxation? What are some ways you can counteract that type of thing? Will

Great question, and sorry to interrupt this psychosis to bring you to reality. Besides benching players that show too much early you can also put a clock designation. Maybe tell Max not to make adjustments to the team until the clock hits 10 seconds? That limits him. I don’t think he is America’s best QB, but at the pre snap read he is. Make sure you read my scouting report and prediction tomorrow for what I think the Spartans do.


Hondo, I just read your scouting report and prediction for the YSU game and I am ready to live the dash, be the hunted, and run through a wall. Great and motivating stuff. Erica

Thank you.


Hondo, if Cook were to get hurt who goes in at the backup. Coach D said either, who do you think? Monty

Easy: Maxwell. There is no debate. If Cook goes down (and we never want injury) and the game is close Maxwell is #2. I also agree with that.


Hondo, with all the time that Fou has missed, and the way Clark has played do you think there is a chance even healthy if Fou could not get his spot back? Ben

Sure there is. With each game that Clark improves and Conklin is playing well they have to think about the future. He missed a lot of time and has to get back. Not saying it will happen, but you asked if there was a chance.


Hondo, with your history at Notre Dame and the infamous pink shirt, please tell me you will be rocking pink at Notre Dame this weekend? Steve RothwellÂ

I will be wearing pink.


There you go everyone, another week of your questions and emails. You can have your question or email used when you send me a note at and put in the subject line Football Q/A

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