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Former Spartan Linebacker Seth “MAYHEM” Mitchell Avenges His Only Heavyweight Loss to Set Up a Chance to Unify the Title

Former Spartan Linebacker Seth “MAYHEM” Mitchell Avenges His Only Heavyweight Loss to Set Up a Chance to Unify the Title

Brooklyn, New York-Former Michigan State linebacker Seth “MAYHEM” Mitchell went into the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, last night with only one loss on his amazing heavyweight boxing record. He left avenging that loss and with only one still on it. He is now (26-1-1, 19 knockouts) and he took the fight unanimously from all three judges with scorecards that read 117-109, 115-112 and 114-112.

The fight didn’t carry the entertainment value of a Balboa vs. Creed fight, but that is Hollywood and this is reality. Unlike his first fight with Johnathon Banks that ended in his only loss, MAYHEM was patient. He let Banks get himself in trouble and even with the occasional boos, he was able to get the convincing win.

MAYHEM was also able to take back his North American Boxing Organization and World Boxing Council International belts and now sets himself up nicely to bring order to a chaotic heavyweight field and unify the crown. That still remains in the future, but for now the star of the big boys is back on track.

He said on Spartan Nation Radio prior to the fight, “I can’t worry about a win; I have to worry about the details of winning. If I think about the details, about fighting smart, the win will take care of itself.” He was 100% correct.

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Other than the win, the highlight of the fight was in the second round. MAYHEM sent an upper cut followed with lightning speed by a shot to the head that sent the Detroit native Banks to the canvas. Banks got up obviously, but the relentless Mayhem stayed on him in attack mode.

After the fight, MAYHEM said, “To win this fight I used patience, and I was ready to go the full 12.”

The only time MAYHEM was really in any trouble came in the third round. When Banks had him on the ropes with one shot after another, MAYHEM wobbled, but stood like a California redwood and refused to go down. Obviously frustrating Banks.

Banks and MAYHEM were supposed to fight back on February 16, but Banks sustained an injury. The hardworking Mayhem never left his training side and was ready for WWIII on this night. He said, “With my stamina, I could have gone 15.”

MAYHEM is now back on the stage as a major contender and in the best shape of his life. You can hear him on Spartan Nation Radio next week.