The Three Most Interesting Things Mel Tucker Said: Sept. 7, 2021

Mel Tucker keeps stresses the importance of improvement as the Spartans head into their home opener against Youngstown State.
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Mel Tucker met the media today for the first time after his season opening victory at Northwestern last Friday. He made it clear that the Spartans have come a long way since last season but will need to keep improving if they want to reach their goals.

"We have a lot to prove, and we still have a lot to prove as far as running the ball and protecting the quarterback."

Michigan State ran for 326 yards including 264 from Kenneth Walker III, and four touchdowns on the ground and only gave up two sacks, although those are good numbers, Tucker wants to improve on those numbers for the remainder of the season, showing he isn't satisfied.

"Last season was a learning experience for us, positive and negative."

Last season was hard for most Spartan fans. Despite the few bright spots of beating two ranked opponents the Spartans struggled to play consistently and finish out games. That showed the coaching staff they had glimpses of being a good team and glimpses of needing experience. Tucker's goal is to keep this team level headed and consistent as the season goes on.

"Behavior precedes success."

Tucker has tried to give the ultimate accountability for the team, stressing if that behavior and work ethic, "gaining ground" every day might not get the headlines but it will show on the field just like it did on Friday night. Doing the things that you need to do to be successful.