Three Up Three Down: Michigan State Grinds Out Big Ten Win Over Rutgers

Michigan State improved to 6-0 (3-0) with a 28-13 victory over Rutgers.
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Three Up:

Jalen Nailor and Kenneth Walker show big play ability

Jalen Nailor stepped up and was most of the offense in the first half with three touchdowns. He broke the record for receiving yards at Rutgers Stadium in the first half of the game. Kenneth Walker had another 200+ yards on the ground and had the longest play from scrimmage in Michigan State history with a 94 yard rush for a touchdown to give Michigan State a 28-13 lead.

Red zone defense

Early in the game Rutgers had two prime opportunities for touchdowns due to a fumble and two 15 yard penalties. Michigan State held them to field goals both times which were crucial in the game.

Quarterback pressure

After the first half when Noah Vandrel was doing a lot through the air and on the ground the second half they made adjustments. They showed pressure even forcing a fumble on 4th down late in the game.

Three Down:

Clock management

Before the end of the first half was bad. Michigan State had a chance to get points at the end of the first half and faltered. There was several other instances on punts when the Spartans had to take a delay of game penalty which weren't back breaking but things they need to clean up.

3rd and long

Rutgers converted on 3rd and 18 twice in the game. That plus a 3rd and 13 late should say enough about this subject.

Play calling

The play calling wasn't horrible, but there was a few questionable calls. Another thing that wasn't major but needs to be corrected.