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Mike Leach can't get used to cutout fans in college football stadiums

Mississippi State's head coach is a little confused about the fake folks filling venues these days

By this point, you've seen them. Perhaps you're even on one. In the stands at sports venues around the country are cutouts of pictures of fans. Such is life in the age of the coronavirus as teams look to give their stadiums a bit more realistic look with limited or, in some cases, no actual fans.

Mississippi State head coach Mike Leach can't get used to it. On Monday, Cowbell Corner asked Leach what it was like to play in LSU's Tiger Stadium last Saturday with only 25 percent capacity. About midway through his answer, Leach delved off into the weirdness of fan cutouts in a way that only Leach can. See above for the full video of Leach's humorous comments or read below for the transcript.

Leach on fan cutouts: "I have to be honest, I haven't quite gotten the hang of the cutout people in the stands. I mean that's an episode of Twilight Zone. You guys are all probably too young for Twilight Zone. I mean the black and white Twilight Zone where Rod Serling would get on there with the really creepy voice and the suit. All of a sudden, is this real? Is it outer space? It was almost like haunted houses met science fiction, that show. Now all of a sudden, we have these people frozen in time sitting there in the stadium with enthusiastic expressions on their face, but they can't move. And then you have the noise. I don't know. I for one, it's cool. If people enjoyed it, great. But that is a little surreal, the fake people in the stands. I don't even know how they decide the seating. Do the fake people have a lottery for where they sit? Because I know this, some of those fake people have way better seats than the other ones. I want to be one of those fake people on the 50-yard line about row 12, but you know some of them are still up in the rafters you know. In this day in age, in these funny times, even a fake person can get screwed. Live clean, live smart, and maybe when you become a fake person, you'll get good seats at the LSU game."

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