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Mike Leach Receives Two-Year Contract Extension

Mike Leach has received a contract extension from Mississippi State.

Mississippi State head coach Mike Leach has received a two-year contract extension, as the program confirmed Tuesday.

His new contract will run through 2025, a four-year term which is the longest allowed in the state of Mississippi. Leach was originally signed to a four-year deal valued at $5 million per season.

The extension comes after the Bulldogs took a big step between 2020 and 2021, finishing out last season with a 7-6 overall record, with three losses coming within just three points in a year in which quarterback Will Rogers broke multiple school and conference records.

Leach and the Bulldogs will look to continue that success as they face the toughest schedule in the nation in 2022, which could very well end up being the biggest statement year of the coach's career depending upon how the team fares.

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