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Mississippi State vs. Alabama: Three Bulldog Predictions

Mississippi State certainly has a puncher's chance this weekend. Here are three predictions for Saturday's game vs. Alabama.

While Mississippi State didn’t play last weekend, something unthinkable occurred -- Alabama actually lost a football game as Texas A&M shocked the country with a 41-38 win over the top-ranked college football team in the country

So, what does this mean for the Bulldogs heading into the weekend?

It means that the Bulldogs certainly have a puncher's chance on Saturday. When was the last time Nick Saban lost two games in a row? We’d have to rewind all the way back to 2013, when the Crimson Tide lost the Iron Bowl and after lost a bowl game to Oklahoma.

Mike Leach and his Bulldogs squad may need a perfectly executed game plan in order to pull out a win in this one.

Here are three predictions for Saturday’s game.

Will Rogers completes a pass of 50 yards or more

Did you know that Will Rogers has yet to complete a pass of 30 or more yards this season? Pretty remarkable considering Leach’s Air Raid scheme. Over 70% of Rogers’ attempts are less than 10 yards, or behind the line of scrimmage.

Rogers is a smart quarterback, and his completion percentage on the season displays that. He’ll happily take what the defense gives him. But this weekend, he may need to take a few risks if he wants this Bulldogs team to pull off the upset.

Alabama’s secondary was exposed in a big way last week against the Aggies. And I believe Leach will scheme up an offensive game plan to help his quarterback do the same.

On Saturday, Rogers will not only complete a pass over 30 yards – he’ll complete one over 50.

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Bulldogs’ secondary intercepts Alabama QB Bryce Young

Saban may look at the Bulldogs defense and take a more balanced approach on Saturday. But I do believe that Saban and his staff will want to run the ball quite often against MSU’s defense.

And if they have success in doing so, it would understandably open things up in its offense.

If and when Bryce Young takes a few risks down the field, I think the Bulldogs could be ready for it. It only takes one contested throw for this secondary to capitalize on.

Maybe Martin Emerson Jr. will snatch his first pick of the season?

The points total lands over 58

The over-under for this game sits at 58.5. And I like the over in this one, for a multitude of reasons.

Alabama may have its way with the Bulldogs defense, I think we can agree on that. The biggest question heading into tomorrow’s game should be: how many points will the Bulldogs put up.

I can easily see a scenario where Alabama scores 45, and Mississippi State scores 30. I could also see the Crimson Tide putting up 54 and Mississippi State struggling with just 17 points scored.

Every scenario I run through; it ends with a total landing over 58.

Bet the over, folks.