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Top Missouri Prospect Profile: OT Logan Reichert

Mizzou is in the final two for top in-state offensive tackle Logan Reichert.
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Logan Reichert is one of the top offensive line targets for the Missouri Tigers, and he comes from Raytown (Mo.) High School, just southeast of Kansas City. This is a player with offers from across the SEC and the United States.

Mizzou, Arkansas, Auburn, Georgia, Florida, LSU, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Texas A&M, Oregon, Duke, Florida State, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Michigan are some of this young man’s football offers.

Reichert plans to announce his college choice soon. When discussing the 6-foot-7 and 345-pound offensive tackle, there’s much to like.

It begins with the aforementioned size. Make no mistake, Reichert is a power player. He continually pancaked opponents during running plays; he even ran a defender off the field during Raytown’s first game on Aug. 20.

Watch the left tackle engage the defensive end, extend his arms, and then continually move his feet forward until he’s literally running the defender off the field of play.

That’s the bigger takeaway from watching Reichert’s film overall. He is an athlete.

Most players that reach 300 pounds or more struggle to move well at the high school level. Reichert should be considered an exception because he not only creates power from his size, he does so with athleticism.

Yes, Reichert is truly an athlete. Watching him pull and pin, a common running play harking back over 100 years ago when football first began to take shape, his fluid movements catch one’s eye.

From reviewing Reichert’s film when he pulled, there were plays where he actually beat defenders to the point of attack. Keep in mind, many of these same defensive players weigh 100 or more pounds less than Reichert.

That point alone helps define why programs like Georgia and Oklahoma, two schools with tremendous recent success along the offensive line, want to sign this young man.

He needs to redefine his body to truly maximize his size and athleticism, but that will come with having a college training table, dieticians, and full-time weight training staff available to Reichert.

Before getting to the college level, it’s also important to note another key component of his game. Effort. Many big guys – offensive players or defensive players – take a lot of plays off or at least give minimal effort if they are not directly involved in a particular play.

Reichert, meanwhile, shows that he will get out on an outside run and move down the field with a running back even after he’s completed his assignment. He looks for additional blocks. That effort and determination is a great sign for this young man’s future.

Finally, the combination of size, athleticism, and effort allow Reichert to be a solid pass protector. It’s more technical than run blocking for someone of Reichert's size, so he will need to continue to finetune his skills. He does possess a solid kick step and provides a solid two-hand punch towards oncoming pass rushers. That’s a good working point for his future college offensive line coaches to work with.

For any program that signs this young man, he has a chance to shine at the college level. Missouri would definitely like to be that program.

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