NC State Gives Athletes Election Day off

NC State athletic communications

The NC State Athletic Department has committed to refrain from mandatory athletics activities on Election Day – Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020 – to encourage student-athletes and staff members to exercise their right to vote.

Through its #PackUnited initiative, the NC State Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) led the request to halt mandatory athletics activities after discussions with fellow student-athletes, coaches and administration on what members of the Wolfpack can do to make a difference.

Statement from SAAC:
The right to vote is one of the most sacred privileges we as Americans have the ability to exercise each and every year. As student-athletes at NC State, we are part of the largest generation in America. However, our generation consistently fails to vote when election season comes around. This is an untapped opportunity for young Americans to have our voices heard.

For many members of our generation, voting and voter registration is an unknown process due to a lack of civic education. As Jada Rice, the SAAC marketing and communications chair, said, "This education is important because there is a need to know who you're voting for, both locally and nationally, and who is in office, as it greatly affects your everyday life."

Too many members of our generation do not participate in our democracy. We hope to change that through SAAC's Pack United partnership with Pack the Polls Coalition. This collaboration will hopefully get not only more NC State student-athletes to the polls, but more students in general.

Being a student-athlete requires a massive time commitment that can prevent us from participating in the democratic process. We now have a day off with the intention of using it to exercise our right and make our voices heard. We encourage our Wolfpack student-athletes and all members of Wolfpack Nation to take advantage of this opportunity and to fulfill this responsibility.

Quote from Director of Athletics :
"At NC State, we hope not only to shape great athletes but even more importantly, outstanding citizens and leaders. It is our responsibility as administrators and coaches to ensure that our student-athletes leave us as better men and women who are ready to positively impact their communities. Changing your community can start with a simple vote, and we want to encourage our student-athletes to vote on November 3.

"Our student-athletes continue to grow their voices, and I am inspired by their push to actively participate within the community at NC State, in Raleigh, as well as in American democracy. That is why all NC State student-athletes will be given the day off from all athletic-related activities on Election Day."