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Top 10 Funniest Things the Internet Said About USC and UCLA's Move to the Big Ten

From Big Ten Barbie to The Simple Life, the internet has spoken.
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The Big Ten Conference is going coast-to-coast — and the internet thinks it's hilarious.

After a unanimous vote by conference officials on Thursday, the Big Ten officially announced that the University of Southern California and the University of California, Los Angeles will become conference members effective August 2, 2024. Competition for all sports will begin the 2024-25 academic year.

Here are the ten funniest posts about USC and UCLA's move to the Big Ten.

10. Peace out, Pac-12 ✌️ 

Who's rolling their eyes more, her or the Pac-12?

9. Bye, Bye, Dreamhouse. Hello, Big House!

Welcome to the Big Ten, Barbie.

8. ... And then there were two (super-conferences)

USC and UCLA bring the Big Ten's membership to sixteen schools. Gone are the days of the Power Five, here are the days of two super-conferences.

6. USC and UCLA need until 2024 to pick out their new uniforms

We don't actually know where Schitt's Creek takes place, but if it's in the midwest then this meme of USC and UCLA trying to look the part is worth a solid laugh.

5. Welcome to the Midwest, Jack Harlow and Druski

"Big Life. Big Stage. Big Ten."

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4. "I'm sO CoLd tHaT i'M ShiVeRinG" -  SpongeBob

Good luck traveling from sunny and 65° to below freezing and hail.

3. Do they have Walmart in L.A.?

This meme just made the Big Ten feel poor for 17 seconds straight. 

2. Move! Move! Move!

We all know the two- or three-hour time change is going to make the Trojans and Bruins wish could hit snooze.

1. USC and UCLA meet The Simple Life

S1 E1: Ro-Day-O vs. Ro-Dee-O a.k.a. Bye L.A.!

Okay, we know there aren't many rodeos in the Midwest, but this one takes the cake. Just like Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie during their move to Arkansas in The Simple Life, the Trojans and Bruins are leaving their west-coast life behind.

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