Notre Dame OT Cole Mabry To Retire From Football

Bryan Driskell

According to a source close to the situation, Notre Dame junior offensive tackle Cole Mabry will not be able to continue playing football due to an injury to his shoulder/neck area.

Mabry has been battling through this injury since last September. He's tried playing through it, he's done all the rehab possible, he's seen specialists and it just wouldn't go away. It started flaring up again during summer workouts, so the fear was it would only get worse once pads went on.

Mabry was expected to push for a rotation spot in 2020 with the hopes of being in position to battle for a starting role in 2021. This injury slowed his development and now has ended his career.

Talking to sources since the injury occurred, it's amazing that Mabry has lasted this long. My sources have indicated the Notre Dame training and medical staff has done a great job making sure he knew exactly what was going on, saw all the specialists he needed to see and exhausted every possible method to get him ready to play football again in a safe manner, but it just wouldn’t go away.

Mabry will likely now have his athletic scholarship turned into a medical hardship, which allows him to stay at Notre Dame and be on scholarship, but his scholarship won't count towards the 85-man limit. 

Mabry is a player that sources have said for two years is a hard worker and a well-respected teammate. He will certainly have some sort of role with the program this season. Mabry, I'm told, has a very close relationship with line coach Jeff Quinn, so don't be surprised to see him around the team in the same fashion as Alex Bars was after his injury in 2018 and the way Hunter Bivin was when his career was over.

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Comments (5)
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Wish Cole the best of luck, he can still be a very valuable teammate. Go Irish


Very unfortunate situation for Cole Mabry. Glad that he is making this decision now rather than too late.
Once an Irish, always an Irish!


Three medical disqualifications for Notre Dame: WR Isaiah Robertson, OL Cole Mabry and grad transfer RB Trevor Speights.