PODCAST: Latest At Notre Dame And Irish Breakdown

Bryan Driskell

In our latest podcast at Irish Breakdown I touch on the latest happenings surrounding Notre Dame.

I also discuss what is going on at Irish Breakdown, especially with our podcasts. The podcasts have not been an integral part of what we have done thus far, and there's a reason for that.

But in recent weeks I've been working to get the podcasts on a solid footing and come up with a plan to get our podcasts back on a regular schedule, to increase the volume and to make them a vital fixture of the content package at Irish Breakdown.

And I really don't like doing solo podcasts and I don't like doing podcasts over the phone .... so I went out and hired someone new at Irish Breakdown, and he's going to focus first on helping grow the podcasts! Listen to the latest episode to hear it all!

With that in mind, I am extremely excited to announce the addition of Vince DeDario to the Irish Breakdown team! Vince is someone I've known for a long time, and he has a great football mind and he's got a long history of experience doing radio, which is why I brought him on at my previous place of employment.

But now Vince is coming over to Irish Breakdown with the goal of growing our podcasts and helping me to make them the best in the business!

So please, welcome Vince to the Irish Breakdown community. Give him a follow on twitter at @CoachDeDario.

Comments (4)

Great get by getting Dedario. I'm still listen to B&G podcasts he's doing a great job with Lou. A couple suggestions for old games to critique
73 Bama Vs ND Natl Championship
89 1 vs 2 ND vs Michigan.

No. 1-2

You got Vince DeDario to join you. NO. FREAKING. WAY. Vince is GREAT.... you guys are gonna have fantastic discussions - I can't WAIT to hear you guys talk!!!