Notre Dame Safety Position Could End Up Being Better In 2020

Bryan Driskell

Notre Dame must replace a pair of very talented and experienced safeties in 2020, and the leadership the duo of Jalen Elliott and Alohi Gilman provided will be extremely hard to replace. From a pure talent standpoint, the safety position has a chance to be quite good in 2020, but it's not that simple.

That is the position group we break down in the latest Irish Breakdown podcast.

Irish Breakdown football analyst Vince DeDario and publisher Bryan Driskell discuss the expectations for the safeties, what must happen at the position for the unit to be even more productive in 2020, and then dives into each player at the position.

Notre Dame must find a way to fill the leadership and communication void that Gilman and Elliott left behind, and how quickly and effectively that gets filled will have a major impact on the safety position and defense.

The 2020 safeties could end up being more productive than the 2019 unit, but for that to happen a talented sophomore and a rising junior must play to their potential. We discuss what that means and why their emergence is so important to not only safeties, but to the defense as a whole. 

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Comments (3)
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I really enjoyed listening to the pod. My only concern for Hamilton is having unrealistic expectations for a guy that hasn't played a whole bunch. We all see the talent/measurables. I’m just slightly cautious when guys like this come along that have breakout seasons in their first year, mainly because we don't see Freshman play a lot at ND (BK’s fault) and also i’ve fallen for it in the past when we did see it with Studstill.


Is there a package that includes Crawford at safety? I really like that duo of Hamilton & Crawford. Alot of turnovers between the 2. Hopefully, Houston & Prior play well tho.

Nathan Erbach
Nathan Erbach


For my money, Hamilton is the most physically talented player on the defense since Smith and he’s has the coaching to make him a truly elite college player.

While I loved Gilman and Elliott over the past few years, having someone with Hamilton’s abilities can absolutely elevate that position group even further. So I completely agree.

Honestly, a case can made that the 3 safeties that are likely to receive the most playing time this year are all more naturally talented than the two that just left. Griffith and Pryor can certainly make that case.