Notre Dame Spring Practice Highlights - Practice 3

Highlights and analysis of Notre Dame's third practice of the 2021 spring

Practice number three is in the books for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, and the highlights are now out. Below you'll see all the highlights plus notes on who is involved and what is happening with each play.

Clip 1: QB Drew Pyne (#10) hits wideout Joe Wilkins Jr. (#18) during the team take off period that begins practice. This is the first team offense for this period. Up front you'll see Tosh Baker (#79), Dillan Gibbons (#76), Zeke Correll (#52), Andrew Kristofic (#73) and Josh Lugg (#75).

Clip 2: QB Jack Coan (#17) hits tight end Kevin Bauman (#84) on a crossing route.

Clip 3: The Irish offensive line works through drills.

Clip 4: Wideout Joe Wilkins Jr. (#18) works through the chutes during an individual period.

Clip 5: Corners coach Mike Mickens works his players through a press and run drill.

Clip 6: Linebacker Bo Bauer works on keeping his pads low during an individual period.

Clip 7: Defensive tackle Howard Cross III (#56) and the rest of the defensive line work on their take offs.

Clip 8: Sophomore Vyper Jordan Botelho (#17) works on block destruction.

Clip 9: Safety Litchfield Ajavon (#23) works on proper pursuit angles.

Clip 10: Running back Kyren Williams (#23) works through the bags and then cuts off coach Lance Taylor.

Clip 11: Tight end George Takacs (#85) works on attacking leverage in this goal line drill

Clip 12: Running back C'Bo Flemister (#20) works on his stretch run cuts during individual drills.

Clip 13: Running back Chris Tyree (#25) also gets in some stretch read work.

Clip 14-15: QB Drew Pyne (#10) hands off to a back during a half-line drill.

Clip 16: Running back C'Bo Flemister (#20) works an outside zone play during a half-line drill.

Clip 17: Running back Chris Tyree (#25) works on a stretch play during a half-life period. Blockers Tosh Baker (#79) and Dillan Gibbons (#76) work against Jordan Botelho (#17) and Rylie Mills (#99), while linebacker Shayne Simon (#33) beats Zeke Correll (#52) to the ball. 

Clip 18-19: Running back Chris Tyree (#25) works on his outside zone track.

Clip 20: Defensive end Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa (#95) sets the edge and forces running back Kyren Williams (#23) back inside, where the defense is waiting.

Clip 21: Defensive end NaNa Osafo-Mensah (#18) blows up the toss play to running back C'Bo Flemister (#20). Defensive tackle Howard Cross III (#56) helps make the stop. Freshman Devin Aupui (#44) seems to be working as an off-ball linebacker on the play, which is how I expect we'll see the Vyper ends play at times this season.

Clip 22: DE NaNa Osafo-Mensah (#18) blows up another run play.

Clip 23: The Irish defense is working on its 3-3-5 alignment.

Clip 24: WR Xavier Watts (#82) beats corner Ramon Henderson (#11) on a quick in route and gets an accurate ball from QB Tyler Buchner (#12). 

Clip 25: QB Jack Coan (#17) hits wideout Avery Davis (#3) on a quick post route. Davis beat safety KJ Wallace (#16) with an impressive top end of his route.

Clip 26: QB Drew Pyne (#10) hits tight end George Takacs (#85), who got open with a nifty double move.

Clip 27: QB Jack Coan (#17) hits wideout Leo Albano (#26) up the seam for a touchdown. Albano beat Litchfield Ajavon (#23) on the play.

Clip 28: Cornerback Cam Hart (#5) breaks up a deep attempt from QB Jack Coan (#17) to Avery Davis (#3). 

Clip 29: QB Tyler Buchner (#12) hits Matt Salerno (#29) for a deep touchdown over cornerback TaRiq Bracy (#28). 

Clip 30: Linebacker Jack Kiser (#24) steps in front of a Drew Pyne (#10) pass that was intended for wideout Jordan Johnson (#15) before being escorted to the end zone by teammates.

Clip 31: QB Drew Pyne (#10) threads the needle to tight end Kevin Bauman (#84), who makes an impressive catch despite tight coverage from Marist Liufau #35).

Clip 32: Freshman tight end Cane Berrong (#80) makes a diving catch of an off-target throw from QB Tyler Buchner (#12).

Clip 33: Safety DJ Brown (#12) breaks up a QB Jack Coan (#17) pass intended for Lawrence Keys III (#13).

Clip 34: QB Jack Coan (#17) executes a RPO pass to wideout Avery Davis (#3) for a big gain.

Clip 35: QB Jack Coan (#17) shows great timing on a corner route to Joe Wilkins Jr. (#18) during a 7-on-7 rep.

Note: All video courtesy of Fighting Irish Media.

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