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Ex-Notre Dame Coach Lou Holtz Disagrees with Ohio State’s Latest Ranking

Holtz, whom was called out by Ryan Day following the Buckeyes’ 17-14 win over the Fighting Irish, ranked the Scarlet and Gray five spots lower than the AP.

The Associated Press (AP) ranked Ohio State in fourth place on their list of the top 25 teams in college football.

While coach Ryan Day and the Buckeyes are surely pleased with their placement among the top-four squads, one former helmsman disagrees with their slotting.

Lou Holtz, who served as head coach of several programs including (most notably) Notre Dame, believes the Scarlet and Gray deserve to be much lower than fourth.

On his list of the top-15 college teams after Week Five of the season, Holtz ranked Ohio State No. 9, five places lower than the AP did. Above the Buckeyes are Michigan, Georgia, Oregon, Texas, Washington, Florida State, Penn State and Oklahoma (in that order).

As for the rest of his placements, Holtz has Notre Dame at ten, followed by Alabama (11), USC (12), Ole Miss (13), Miami (14), Tennessee (15), and Washington State (16).

The AP disagrees with the 2008 Hall of Fame coach in 15 of those aforementioned 16 slots. The only one which the news organization and Holtz have in common is the Crimson Tide at No. 11.

This drastic drop in the rankings from Holtz was a shock for Buckeyes fans, especially since Ohio State did not lose on Saturday. As a matter of fact, the Buckeyes spent the weekend off on their Bye Week, so it was impossible for them to lose.

Ohio State fans have certainly drawn comparisons by now to when Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney ranked the Buckeyes No. 11 on his list of top-25 teams back in 2020.

Buckeye Nation felt Swinney's placement was unfair at the time. How will Ohio State fans take this latest seemingly wrong opinion of their team?