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Ohio State, Notre Dame Fans Tired of Ryan Day vs. Lou Holtz Feud

Supporters of both the Buckeyes and Fighting Irish took to social media to express their exhaustion over hearing about the squabbling coaches.

Ohio State Buckeyes coach Ryan Day has received quite a bit of praise from fans for his postgame comments after the Buckeyes defeated Notre Dame 17-14 two Saturdays ago.

Day called out former Fighting Irish head coach Lou Holtz, who had publicly questioned the toughness and quality of the Buckeyes roster prior to the game.

However, after a bye week that was almost entirely dominated by fan-on-fan arguments on social media between Buckeyes and Fighting Irish enthusiasts, it seems the buzz around the feud has come to a head. 

Using the social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter), supporters of both schools voiced their exhaustion over the duration of this unofficial conflict. Among other, more colorful terms, fans have labeled the feud "pathetic," saying it was a 'waste of time' to still be discussing the postgame interview.

"I can't believe people are still talking about Ryan Day's Lou Holtz comments," one user said. "There are real college football games this weekend...."

"Stop obsessing over the post-game interview so much," another account posted. "Good lord let it the (expletive) go."

When SEC television host and commentator Paul Finebaum weighed in on the conflict, fans brought him into the fray directly.

"@finebaum Get over the Ryan Day/Lou Holtz nonsense Paul," one user said. "Everyone has moved on, you're the only one still hung up on that."

With all of that being said, one user made an attempt to lay the whole thing to rest.

"'Lou (Holtz) is an old man who was trying to fire up his former team,'" one account posted. "OK, fine. Ryan Day is a coach defending his players after a huge win. Also fine. We can get over this."

Maybe that is exactly what Ohio State and Notre Dame fans should do at this point: let it go.