The Jacobe Johnson Chronicles: Two-Sport Star Reacts to EYBL Cancellation

Mustang phenom puts recruiting on the back burner to focus on summer basketball
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On April 30, Mustang High freshman Jacobe Johnson became the youngest in-state skill position player ever to receive an offer from OU. Throughout his recruitment, SI Sooners will have regular interviews with Johnson and consistent updates as the process plays out.

Summer has arrived, but the grind continues for Jacobe Johnson.

Oklahoma’s top 2023 prospect in both football and basketball tweeted earlier in the week that he’s gunning for a professional career in both sports. Johnson certainly has the potential, but he knows what kind of work ethic it’ll take to realize that potential.

“Ever since quarantine started, I’ll go lift in the morning,” he said. “Then from 3:00 to 4:00, I’ll do football stuff, and from 5:00 to 7:00, I’ll do basketball stuff. That’s how I’m doing it, kind of doing a bit of everything. That’s why I’ve been so busy.”

Johnson hasn’t received any new football offers since Nebraska extended a scholarship on May 5, and he hasn’t yet received any basketball offers. However, Johnson said his collegiate recruitment isn’t a priority at the moment.

“I haven’t really worried about it; I’ve been playing basketball,” he said. “My plan is, when football starts, that’s when I’ll start worrying about it more.”

Nevertheless, Johnson says that he doesn’t let any contact from collegiate coaches go unacknowledged.

“If a head coach wants to contact me, they have to tell me to call them,” he noted. “They can’t call me or do nothing just yet. I have to initiate it. But if a coach tells me to call them, that’s what I’m gonna do.”

Basketball is the current focus for Johnson, who intended to compete for Team Griffin on the EYBL basketball circuit this summer. However, the league cancelled its 2020 season, depriving Johnson and many other top hoops prospects of an opportunity to showcase their skills.

“I’m kinda bummed that they cancelled EYBL,” he said. “But my coach redid our schedule, so I’m going to be playing in a bunch of other tournaments. [Places like] Florida, Alabama, Georgia. We’ll be traveling still; I just won’t be able to do EYBL. I’m still looking forward to having a great showing for basketball. But the EYBL, that was something I was looking forward to this year.”

Fortunately, Johnson’s exposure shouldn’t be too affected by the EYBL’s absence. The only thing keeping him from earning a myriad of high-level offers in both football and basketball is his still-growing 6-foot-3 frame. He can’t comfortably settle into a position in either sport until he’s fully grown.

In the meantime, however, he’ll most certainly remain the hottest name in Oklahoma prep sports.

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