Making One Last Argument for BYU

John. E. Hoover

Big 12 Conference presidents are meeting Monday to decide on the league’s approach to a college football schedule in 2020.

The models in play, multiple sources say, are playing a full 12-game schedule and playing a nine-game conference schedule plus one non-conference opponent.

Given that the Big 12’s remaining non-conference opponents all consist of either Group of 5 teams or teams from the FCS level, an alternative, more attractive model that many think should be considered is adding BYU as a member for the 2020 season and doing away with all other non-conference games as the Big Ten, Pac-12 and SEC have done.

That would standardize every Big 12 team’s schedule, including giving every team five home games and five road games.

On Monday morning, before Big 12 presidents staged a virtual meeting to decide which direction to go, SI Sooners publisher John Hoover made an appearance on BYU Sports Nation to discuss (watch the full interview above).

SI Sooners wrote about the Big 12 adding BYU last week.

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