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Join us as we have the official live thread for the Oklahoma and Kansas State game. OU comes into the game as a 23.5 point favorite and has a 22 game road win streak on the line.

Sooners start with the ball and immediately go deep to Rambo to pick up the first down.

Jalen Hurts took a big hit and threw the incomplete pass. Reviewed and call stands. Incomplete.

OU 3 K-State 0 13:21 Q1: Gabe Brkic knocks down a season long, 44-yard field goal as the Sooners strike first.

Sooners defense gets a tackle-for-loss on the first play. Going to need a lot of this today.

Lots of QB run plays today as Skyler Thompson is mobile.

3rd and 8 and a sack for Ronnie Perkins. First drive, first three-and-out of the game.

Trickeration!!! A tunnel screen to flea flicker. 68-yards later and the Sooners are knocking on the door.

OU 10 K-State 0 9:21 Q1 --Touchdown Sooners! Jalen Hurts using his strength and a push from his line to get into the end zone. Gets hit at the four-yard line and drives his way in. Those post game workouts are paying off.

The Sooners will have to make K-State one dimensional today. Make Thompson beat you with his arm.

This is the epitome of a K-State drive. Limiting possessions is what the Wildcats are going to do today.

7 plays 72 yards and over 4 minutes so far on this drive for the K-State offense.

Sooners had 9 guys in the box on that play. Excellent coverage in the secondary to force the throw away

Jaden Davis being aggressive picks up the PI. First down extends the long drive for the Cats. 

OU 10 K-State 7 4:17 Q1 

OU 17 K-State 7 2:05 Q1 Sooners march right down the field and tack on a TD to extend the lead 

The Wildcats rushing attack is gashing the Sooner defense. Running any which way they want. 

Kansas State has some growing confidence. Been able to march down the field at will against the Sooners. 

Tre Brown called for the holding. Auto first down. Second penalty on the defense in the red-zone. Third and seventeen and they get a penalty to pick up the first. 

Another third and long for the defense. How will they respond. Can they hold them to a FG? 

OU 17 K-State 14 12:12 Q2. Youngblood in the end zone with the 4-yard scamper. Parnell Motley has been disqualified from the game for kicking. Up to the freshman Davis to play big now. 

Coach Grinch has to be livid right now with the defense. They are being torched. No turnovers and now kicking a player to be disqualified. I would not want to be in that locker room during halftime. 

In the two losses for K-State, they scored 12 and 13 points. So far, midway through the second quarter, they have 14. Another barn burner in the Big 12? 

K-State MLB , Sullivan has been assessed with the targeting penalty. Under review. Looks like it will be overturned. 

Jalen is so elusive. He takes his time, picks the lane that opens up, and runs with such power. 

A Trey Sermon sighting!! Only to pick up negative yards. 

4th and two. FG attempt for Brkic. 

OU 20 K-State 14 7:28 Q2--Brkic nails the 25-yard field goal to remain perfect on the year. Quietly becoming a weapon for the Sooners. 

The OU defensive backs haven't really been close today. Only one PBU that has been noticeable. Thompson is seemingly picking whatever receiver he wants. 

Overton with the big stop behind the line of scrimmage. He manhandled that offensive lineman. 

4th and 6 and the Wildcats pick up the easy first down. 

This feels very similar to what the Mike Stoops defense looked like. They are playing super soft in coverage allowing for the easy pitch and catch.

Bonitto in coverage with the PBU! 

OU 20 K-State 17 1:22 Q2.-- Lynch with the 35-yard fg to bring the game within three points. 

With just over a minute left in the half, can the Sooners drive down and tack on a few points? 

Trickeration x2! This time, a pass by Basquine hit Rambo right in the hands and was picked off. K-State looks to take the lead before the half. 

19-yard run for the K-State QB for the TD. K-State takes the lead just before halftime. 

K-State 24 OU 20 :23 Q2

K-State 24 OU 21 Halftime : Brkic knocks down his career long, 50-yards, to shrink the Wildcat lead to 1. 

Some crazy stats from the first half: Jalen Hurts 11 carries 55 yards 

Trey Sermon 3 caries 9 yards

Kennedy Brooks 2 carries -3 yards. 

Second half to begin-- Wildcats will begin with the ball. 

Can the Sooners begin the second half with a stop? 

Missed tackles, running wide, open lanes.. all poor execution by the Sooners on defense. 

Big third down as the Sooners look to get off the field quickly. 

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K-State is 2-5 on third down so far.

Make it 3/6.

After a short gain and an incomplete pass, the Wildcats face another third down. 

Pat Fields with the PBU. 3/7 now on third down. Man coverage with 1 high safety works that time. 

Kansas State 27 OU 23 11:01 left in Q3-- 37-yard fg by K-State widens the lead to 4 points. OU will take the field on offense for the first time in the third quarter. 

Could be a significant loss for the Sooners as Turner-Yell has his helmet taken from him by the training staff. 

Poor blocking effort there by Brooks as he allowed the rush end to get to Hurts.

4th and 4 now for OU. First punt of the day. K-State with a chance to extend the lead. 

19-yard punt gives the Wildcats the ball at the OU 46-yard line. 

First play is for seven yards for the Wildcats. Makes the remaining downs if they are getting that big of a chunk. 

Next play is a play action for a big gain. Down to the 12-yard line and looking for the td. 

OU is being dragged through the mud. The lack of effort is evident. 

K-State 34 OU 23 7:31 Q3 --Skylar Thompson does his best Tebow impression and runs it in from 3-yards out. Another rushing td for the Wildcat QB. 

Panic time can officially begin as the Sooners are now on upset watch. 

Jalen Hurts, it's your turn. 

This is the 2018 defense all over again. 

Wow. A fumble on special teams gives K-state the ball back. 

Kansas State takes over at the Sooners 26-yard line. 

Kenneth Mann and Stokes in on the sack. Big play. A much needed play. 

Kansas State 41 OU 23 5:34 Q3 --Skylar Thompson does it again. This time a 3-yard rush for the score. Sooners are getting dominated on defense. 

Sooners take over on offense. 10-yard loss by Lamb, 10 yard-gain by Sermon. 2-yard gain by Hurts. Another punt.  K-State going for the knockout punch on this drive. 

Another third and long conversion for K-State. The story of the afternoon. 

Third down and five--guess what? Another 3rd down conversion for the Wildcat offense. Skylar Thompson converts as he runs right up the middle untouched. 

KSU 41 OU 23 Beginning of the 4th quarter. 

As the ABC graphic just showed, Hurts is being outplayed by Skylar Thompson. 4 RUSHING TDS FOR THE WILDCAT QB. 

A live look at the OU football team. 

K-State scores again, Sooners now getting blown out in Manhattan. 

KSU 48 OU 23 12:54 Q4--2-yard rushing TD for the Wildcats. The beatdown ensues. 

CeeDee Lamb with the 70-yard tunnel screen for the TD. 

K-State 48 OU 30 12:32 Q4-- CeeDee with the 70-yard td catch and run to reduce the deficit to 18. Can the defense get a stop? Eight straight possessions with a score for the Wildcats. 

By the way, Oklahoma State and Baylor held this offense to 12 and 13 points, respectively. 

2nd and 13 and an easy first down pickup for the Wildcats. 

This OU team held WVU to 51 yards rushing, today, so far, they have allowed 214 yards and nearly a full quarter left. 

Sooners driving. Jalen doesn't need to force anything here. 

K-State 48 OU 38 5:36 Q4-- Hurts with the 1-yard td run and then a successful two-point conversion as Lamb catches the bullet in the back of the end zone. Can the Sooners force a stop? Two possession game. 

First play for the Wildcats, no gain. Second play- three yards. After an injured player gets off for KSU, Riley takes a TO to stop the clock. Third down and seven, Can OU get a stop? 

Sooner defense gets pressure on Thompson, forces an across the body throw and an incompletion. KSU punts and OU takes over at their own 28- yard line 

Why would OU burn a TO there? Sooners down to one remaining. 

Third down for the Sooners. Down by 10. 

Drake Stoops with the 11-yard gain. Picks up the first down. Late flag. Block in the back against the Sooners wipes away the catch. 3rd and 15

4th down and 3. Lincoln burns the last time out.  Field goal unit on the field now. A make and an onside kick is the last hope for the Sooners to extend their 22 game road win streak

K-State 48 OU 41 1:45 Q4-- Brkic knocks down his 4th of the day. Now 10-10 on the season. 

Onside kick time in Manhattan. 


The play is under review. Was it touched by Bridges just shy of the ten yard mark? 

Overturned. The Wildcats will have the ball with 1:43 left in the game. OU out of timeouts. Game over.