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First Quarter:

Sooners win the coin toss and defer to the second half. Austin Kendall to start for the Mountaineers.

West Virginia picks up a first-down on the first play of the game.

Sam James, picks up 27-yards on his first two catches. Speedy WR will be a problem...

First third down for the OU defense. Top 10 in the country in getting off the field. 

WVU punts and the Sooners take over at their own six yard line.

Kennedy Brooks is the starting RB in today’s game for the Sooners.

3rd down and 15 and Jalen Hurts only gains 11. OU forced to punt. Both teams trade punts on their first series of the game.

The Mountaineers take over at their own 22-yard line. Kendall takes the field for the second time against his former team. 

The Sooner defense makes another stand. After the big tackle by Nik Bonitto on the “wild mountaineer” formation, the defense forces another punt. Hurts and company take the field looking for their first score. 

Hurts completes his first pass on the day. Sooners pick up the first down.

Haselwood and Bridges with early playing time today. Two superstar freshman. 

Heavy dose of Kennedy Brooks early on. Another first down for the Sooners.

OU 7 WVU 0 - TOUCHDOWN SOONERS! 20-yard pass from Hurts to Hall. Brkic tacks on the extra point. With 4:32 left in Q1, Sooners lead 7-0. 

Early stats- Hurts is 3-3 for 39 yards 1 TD. Brooks has 5 carries for 37 yards (7.4 avg). Hall has 1 reception for 20 yards and 1 TD.

Austin Kendall is 4-5 for 24 yards. Sam James has 3 receptions for 22 yards. The quick pitch to the speedy WR counts as a pass. 

Lots of true freshman getting some playing time today. David Ugwoegbu and Marcus Stripling taking the field with the defense. Already mentioned Haselwood and Bridges. 

Tre Brown out there making plays. Back-to-back pass break ups by the corner from Tulsa.

3 pass attempts from Kendall, 3 straight incompletions. Another punt forced by OU.

Lamb, Hurts, Rambo. Plays by all three and now Sooners knocking on the door at the WVU 6 yard line.

OU 14 WVU 0 - TOUCHDOWN SOONERS! And just like that, the Sooners score again. 6-yard TD pass from Hurts to Rambo. Brkic with the PAT. 14-0 Sooners.

4 play 74-yard drive in 1:59. That’s the epitome of the OU offense. Efficiency at its finest. 

Hurts is now 6-6 for 85 yards and 2 tds passes.

Turner-Yell with the solo tackle. That has been one of the more impressive improvements for the OU defense this year. The ability to tackle in space. 

3rd and 4 for the Mountaineers and the Sooners force another punt. Ugwoegbu with the tackle.

FAKE!!! WVU successfully converts the risky fake punt and picks up the first down. 

First quarter ends with the Sooners leading 14-0.

The biggest takeaways from the first quarter? The Sooners had 0 penalties. The OU offense ran for 7.7 yards per rush, and Hurts has yet to have an incompletion. 


Ronnie Perkins is a grown man. What a tackle on the WVU running back. 

3rd and 9. WVU is 0/4 on third down so far this game. Mountaineers need more time to talk it over as they take a timeout.

Brown picks up 3-yards on the rush after the timeout. Its 4 down territory. WVU going for it on 4th down. 

OU 14 WVU 7 - TJ Simmons with the 38-yard reception and a touchdown for the Mountaineers. WVU convert both 4th downs this drive. EP good. 11:57 left in Q2.

OU begins at their own 25 after the touchback.

Jalen Hurts runs that RPO soooo well.

Haselwood called for the illegal block in the back to negate the long catch and run by Kennedy Brooks. Sooners still pick up the first down. 

Haselwood responds with a great catch. Leaping up, snagging the ball, and holds on through the big hit. 


The talk was about Sermon not getting a carry last weak. You can bet he gets a TD today.

OU 21 WVU 7 - Kennedy Brooks runs it in from 9-yard line. EP from Brkic good. 9:08 left in Q2. 

Brooks now with 7 carries for 54 yards and 1 TD. Hurts still perfect 9-9 135 yards and 2 TD passes. 

Great coverage on the Sooners kickoff team. Sam James is a speedster. 

WVU has done a good job getting the ball out quickly and not allowing the OU defensive front to apply pressure. 

Kenneth Murray absolutely popped Austin Kendall. Great coverage by the secondary for OU. 

From the FOX broadcast… Hurts starting 9/9 is the best start he’s ever had in a college game. 

OU 28 WVU 7 - From 1st and goal at the two, Jalen shows some acrobatic type moves and scores easily. 6:31 left until halftime. 

Jalen is now 11/11 for 190 yards passing with 2 tds and has 56 yards rushing and a td.

OOOOHHHHH NOOOOO!!! The Sooner Schooner is broken. This maybe the biggest take away from the game so far. The Schooner was recently named the #1 college football tradition by Sports Illustrated.

Gus Johnson with the play-by-play on the Schooner rolling over. GREATNESS! GIVE THAT MAN AN AWARD! 

After no penalties in the first quarter, this is now the second yellow flag thrown on the Sooners in Q2. This time Davis flagged for PI. 

So close to a blocked punt! Would have been the first on the year for the OU special teams. 

With 4:45 left until half, will OU try to score quickly to get another shot before the quarter ends? 

Drake Stoops with the drop. First incompletion for Jalen Hurts. Would have been a first down if he was able to hold on to it. 

WVU driving and has first and goal at the OU 4 yard line. Will the Sooners be able to shut them down and prevent another score before the half? 

OU 28 WVU 14 - 7-yard touchdown pass from Kendall to TJ Simmons, his second of the half. 

Sooners take a knee to end the half. OU will start with the ball to begin the third quarter.

The Sooners had 3 penalties for 39 yards. The WVU offense only managed 15 yards rushing. Jalen Hurts completed 11/12 for 190 yards and 2 TDS. Austin Kendall kept his team in the game throwing for 128 yards and 2 TDs. 


Jalen Hurts and the offense will begin at their own 25 yard line to start the third quarter.

A Lee Morris sighting!

Rambo!! WOW!! What a catch. 26-yard grab by the speedy WR.

OU 35 WVU 14 - Jalen Hurts with his 2nd rushing TD of the day, this one from 22 yards out. This was an easy scamper. PAT good. 12:51 left in Q3.

Gallimore and Mann on the tackle. Two BIG d-lineman getting out in space and forcing the running back to the sideline. 

TJ Jennings is catching everything thrown his way. However, he was called for OPI and negates the big throw by Kendall. 2nd and 20 WVU from their own 32. 

Not sure what we just saw there. It was almost a blocked punt for the second time today by the OU special teams. The WVU kicker was able to escape and get away a punt. Sooners take over their own 45 yard line. 


Side note: The entire Oklahoma City Thunder team is in attendance today. 

OU 42 WVU 14 - Jalen Hurts with the 46-yard touchdown pass to Lee Morris. Brkic good again on the PAT. 

Lee Morris with his second reception of the day and his first touchdown catch of the year.

Hurts is now 14/15 for 273 yards and 3 TDs. 

Rambo, Lamb, Morris, Brooks, Hall, Basquine, Haselwood all have catches on the day.

OU averaging 11.5 yards per play today, they were at 9.3 going into this game. Nearest competition is Alabama with 8.0.

If the Sooners get a stop here, Hurts may have one series left before we see backup time.

WVU starts at their own 2 yard line.

OU 49 WVU 14 - BLOCKED!! A blocked punt!! Sooners get their first blocked punt of the season. We have been talking about it. This is the third time they have been near the punter and they get the block this time. True freshman TE Austin Stogner with the recovery in the endzone for a TD. Brayden Willis, another TE, with the block. Big day for coach Boulware’s special teams group. 

The Mountaineers have 18 rushes for 23 yards with 6:13 left in the third quarter. 

Another 3rd down stop for the OU defense. Another open space tackle, this time by Ugwoegbu, the talented freshman.

Jalen Hurts still in the game. A score here would definitely be his last series of the day.

STOOOOOOPPSS. Drake Stoops with his first grab of the day. 

WVU only has 177 yards on the day. The defense has been dominant again! 

The double reverse sees Jalen Hurts out in front blocking. Haselwood and Theo Wease on the field together. 

Wease with the 34-yard catch. He is going to be a playmaker in this offense for years to come. 


OU 52 WVU 14 - From the 1 yard line, the Hurts bobbles the snap and loses 10 yards. Brkic attempts his first FG try of the day. Gabe is now 6/6 on the year after he makes the 29-yard fg. 

Austin Kendall has missed a ton of deep throws today, one of the things that became noticeable watching him during his time at OU.

3rd and 10 at the Sooners 17 and Nik Bonitto get the sack. However, this is negated by the fact that he was offsides before the play.

Bonitto hobbles off the field as he was banged up on the play.

The WVU running game has been swallowed up all day by the Sooner defensive front.

Kendall misses the wide open receiver as he had immense pressure in his face. WVU fails to convert on 4th down and turns the ball over to the OU offense. 

Jalen Hurts had himself a Heisman worthy day. He finishes 16-17 for 316 yards 3 Td’s through the air. Hurts also had 10 carries for 75 yards and 2 more touchdowns.

Mordecai’s first pass falls incomplete.

Trey Sermon in at running back. Appears to have just fallen behind Kennedy Brooks on the depth chart.

First offensive series for the Sooners without Hurts ends with a 3-and-out. 

Bookie with the nice play. Got off the block well, wrapped up, and recorded the tackle for loss, Oklahoma's 8th of the day.

The Sooner offense struggling to move the ball with the backups in the game. Another punt for OU. 

And that's the ball game! The Sooners run out the clock and end the game on a high note. Another victory, pushing them to 7-0 on the season.