What We Want to Happen and Where the Cowboys Go Bowling

Robert Allen

STILLWATER – Things could certainly change after this Friday and Saturday with the Power Five conference championship games, but here is what Oklahoma State fans should be rooting for in order to get the Cowboys in the best possible bowl scenario.

I know that nobody wants to back Oklahoma and I’m not telling you that you should. You can back Baylor or Oklahoma, although it doesn’t really matter. This is really six one, half dozen the other. Oklahoma has plenty of power as it is. Oklahoma State fans know that, but if Baylor wins the Big 12, then there is another team you are going to have to recruit against that is going to be bringing steam and momentum to the process.

Okay, either way, you want both Oklahoma and Baylor to stay in the Playoff/New Year’s Six bowl selections. It is more money for the conference and it frees the other four bowl eligible teams in the league for the next four bowls the Big 12 is tied into.

One team in the CFP and the other in the Sugar Bowl, or either OU or Baylor in the Sugar Bowl and the other in the Cotton Bowl to play Memphis, the top Group of Five team.

We want Oregon to beat Utah and that will send Oregon to the Rose Bowl and Utah to the Alamo Bowl. I would expect either Kansas State or Texas to be pegged to go play the Pac-12 team there. If by chance both Oregon and Utah stay up, then the New Year’s Eve game in San Antonio will likely by Baylor or Oklahoma against USC.

The Camping World Bowl on Dec. 28 in Orlando looks like they will have Notre Dame as their ACC team. The Camping World and Notre Dame want Texas for an all blue-blood match-up. If Texas isn’t available, then they want Oklahoma State. That is what we hear.

Next is the Academy Sports and Outdoors Texas Bowl, also on Dec. 28. This is the most likely bowl for the Cowboys against an SEC team. The bowl would like to get Texas A&M, but the SEC makes their own pairings and the word is the Aggies are begging to avoid a Big 12 team. It’s a little embarrassing to keep getting beat by teams from the conference you left.

It could be Mississippi State or since the SEC, like the Big 12 doesn’t have enough eligible teams to fill all their bowl tie-ins, it could be anybody. It could be Group of Five bowl eligible team. Not the best, but Houston is good for recruiting and good for fans, alumni, and most important, player’s families to get to.

Next is the Liberty Bowl and they will be looking for new blood after Oklahoma State beat Missouri there last bowl season.

If only one team stays up in the CFP and New Year’s Six, then the Big 12 will have a team for the Cheez-It Bowl in Phoenix, Arizona. I don’t think Oklahoma State would slide to Arizona, but if they did, it's a nice slide from a bowl trip standpoint.

We will know much more after the games on Saturday, but it looks good for either Orlando or Houston. 

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I think A&M is 2-1 against Big12 teams since departing.


Rudy Rudy Rudy


It’s going to be a crappy matchup against A&M. Not interested.