Chuba and Friends Make Powerful Statement for What is Happening in the World Today

Robert Allen

STILLWATER -- Oklahoma State running back Chuba Hubbard wants to be more than a Saturday afternoon or Saturday night hero. He wants to be more than No. 30 that totes the football all over the field and into the end zone. Hubbard has shown with his actions that he wants to be more than a football player. I've looked in his eyes in interviews and I've seen a person that is proud of his accomplishments but not always eager to talk about the spoils of a Saturday spent on the football field. Chuba Hubbard is a football player and I know he is proud of that, but wants people to know he is much more. He wants his teammates and friends to strive for more. 

Friends and teammates like Landon Wolf, Dillon Stoner, Amen Ogbongbemiga, and Kolby Harvell-Peel came together to help put together this video. Coaches like defensive coordinator Jim Knowles, offensive line coach Charlie Dickey, and basketball head coach Mike Boynton. 

One of the more powerful portions of the video that calls for change comes with former football recruiting on-campus coordinator Patsy Armstrong explaining what she fears that a police officer might see if they encounter her son. They likely won't see the Princeton University student and well-respected and mannered young man, but a big and powerful young black man. They will see a potential threat rather than a potential ally. 

All of the messages are good. The words are carefully chosen. Many people may not realize it, but Charlie Dickey is married to a sweetheart of a lady, but it might surprise some that she is black. 

It's amazing that people may cheer on athletes and coaches, but often don't know their stories and they haven't investigated further what makes them who they are. 

As Oklahoma State fans, we all cheer for the orange and black and wear Pistol Pete or the brand on our clothing. I realize that Chuba Hubbard, his teammates, and friends are on that team but they are on another team, one that is trying to evoke important and badly needed change in Stillwater, in Oklahoma, in America, and worldwide. 

Count me as impressed with the video, impressed with their feelings and their method of showing those feelings. 

Another spokesperson in the video that is extremely effective is another Canadian, Micah Dennis is a Canadian Cowgirl as a guard on the Oklahoma State women's basketball team. 

All of the people speaking are real. They all very much appear to be speaking from the heart. Watch the video because it is important. 

Chuba says it well in the conclusion, "It is time to bring change. Too many people have been silent. Too many people have been brushing it off. Black lives do matter. And we will bring change together, whether you are with us or not."

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Great comments. I am proud of these folks.