Mike Gundy Takes Pay Cut Following Investigation

Zach Lancaster

STILLWATER -- Thursday evening, Oklahoma State announced the conclusion of an investigation into Mike Gundy and the football program stating the review "uncovered no signs or indication of racism."

Rather, after talking with former and current players, they discovered Mike Gundy needs to invest more time into creating and maintaining personal relationships with his players.

Athletic director Mike Holder met with members of the media Friday morning via Zoom where he announced that following the investigation, Mike Gundy has accepted an updated contract. In fact, coach Gundy was the one that suggested the updated contract.

His new contract has been reduced from a five-year rollover to a four-year rollover contract and pay has been reduced by $1 million per year from $5 million to $4 million.

The news of an updated contract was first reported by Stadium's Brett McMurphy.

"I can confirm that it's true," Holder said of Gundy's contract adjustment. "The changes were offered up by Mike Gundy and I commend him for that. It was his idea to make a million dollar pay cut; you don't find that very often in the competitive world of college football. We made a few other changes to the contract at his suggestion, so I commend him for that. I think it really demonstrates his commitment to being a better coach and he wanted to make a statement that assured all the players that this wasn't just about talk, this was more about action and that's the first step."

Other changes to the contract include the guaranteed amount lowered from 75% to 50%, and the buyout reduced from $5 million to $4 million. They also added a force majeure, or an Act of God, clause to the contract, based on the current landscape of college athletics due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Holder mentioned in the Zoom call that the athletic department needed to add an Act of God clause to every coach's contract.

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Seems like a positive move for the athletic department in uncertain times.

I really see it as unrelated to the inquiry. Still very generous by the head coach.


We can all learn from this. We need to be more tuned into the feelings of those we work with and who rely upon us. I know that Mike loves his players.


No racism and you still took back a million bucks a year? If he’s donating it to some kind of black student program then fine, but if the university is just putting that $ with they billion dollar endowment then shame on you. If I was Gundy I’d coach one more year and put the word out I want a new job.


Not all things have a $ connected to them...Ones name and honor can't (or shouldn't) have a price tag connected to them.

Gundy is an honorable man witnessed by his stance in protecting children in our public schools...An issue in which he backed up his words with quite a financial sacrifice.

The clown writer at a fan blog that makes revenue off of all things Oklahoma State used his perch to do great harm to Coach Gundy and the program we all love suffers along with it to suit his cancel culture strike...I hope fans will see all of this for what it is...Cancel culture.

Gundy isn't perfect just like everyone reading this...He has made the sacrifice and saw a reflection in the mirror that he doesn't feel comfortable with...He has done the right things to resolve the issue and allow him to re-calibrate his compass readings for the future.

I hope we all give him the support he is due, in my opinion.