Time for You to be the Recruit, Check it Out

Recruiting right now is going on exclusively through video, social media, and the old fashioned cell phone. Time for you to play the role of recruit with this video.
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STILLWATER -- It's not exactly what Oklahoma State puts out on it's own, but let's play like. Coiski.com is a website that uses video and galleries to give viewers a behind the scenes look at sports, sports equipment, and sports facilities while advocating products. 

COISKI is also a full-service interactive agency that believes true “content is king.” As such, we are excited to help you tell your story to your communities through a variety of services.

Back in January, Coiski, which has their own YouTube channel sent their main host George Kiel III to Stillwater to check out the Oklahoma State football facilities and equipment room. Kiel toured the facilities on the Lower Club Level in the West End Zone, also known as the coaches level, with Oklahoma State football director of recruiting Todd Bradford. A former Oklahoma State assistant football coach that has also coached at BYU, Southern Miss, Maryland, Wisconsin, and Kansas; Bradford was an excellent tour guide that gave the tour as if he was showing around a recruit and his family. 

Downstairs, Kiel was shown around the Oklahoma State equipment room, locker room, meeting rooms, and more by football equipment coordinator Justin Williams. Overall, the video is a strong advertisement for the Cowboys football program and facilities. Advertisements from a sneaker collector, Nostalgia were tied to the video as I watched it. 

Coiski has toured other college facilities such as Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Cincinnati basketball. They have gone to pro facilities like Golden State and Dallas in the NBA. They have also hit up equipment manufacturers like Riddell football helmets. 

Watch the 15 minute video and ask yourself, is this a place and environment that I would like to go and work in for four-to-five years as a college football player?