Social Media Reactions & Anticipation Leading Up To Matchup With Iowa State

Marshall Levenson

The No. 6 vs No. 17 matchup that will be taking place in Stillwater, Oklahoma, on Saturday is the biggest game in college football this weekend. This game bot only has Big 12 implications but also has College Football Playoff implications. 

Because there is such a national presence to this game, tons of national media members and analysts have given their opinions and predictions.

Surprisingly, many believe Iowa State is in store for an upset of the Cowboys.

Their reasonings expand from Spencer Sanders possible ‘rust’ coming back, Brock Purdy playing hero, all the way to the Cowboy defense having a break down. 

Personally, I feel this Cowboys team is too good and too deep on the bench to let any of these occur. I feel that Oklahoma State leaves the field Saturday with a 31-13 win. 

On Twitter, I asked our fans to give their own predictions for Saturday’s dual.

Of course there was the usual over confident bunch that says “100-0” and “78-2”, which, yes, would be fantastic but that will not be happening. 

What my favorite predictions were though were obviously the ones that aligned with mine.

Some common predictions were 38-13, 36-12, 34-17, etc.

Multiple people said they felt that we will finally see the potential of this offense with Spencer Sanders back in the fold.


Many fans believe this will be a defensive game but I also believe the Oklahoma State offense will crack through at some point, most likely sometime in the 3rd quarter. 

As far as specific players showing up on Saturday, after scourging Twitter, many believe Dillon Stoner will be a big factor in this game. 

He hasn’t been as big of a factor in the first three games as many thought he would be but that is most likely due to the obvious offensive shift at quarterback. 

Chuba Hubbard and LD Brown will have a big responsibility of keeping this offense in rhythm on Saturday and with Brown staying consistent and Hubbard seemingly hitting his stride, it appears that will happen. 

Spencer Sanders has been eager to get back on the field since his week 1 injury and the 3 week break was not exactly what he wanted but may be a blessing in disguise. There is now without a doubt or worry that Sanders is not 100% healthy. 

Boone Pickens Stadium, even with limited fans will certainly be buzzing tomorrow afternoon as the Cowboys work to take down the Cyclones. 

Iowa State already has one loss on the year, week 1 to Louisiana at home, so the Cowboys already have a game plan in mind of how to expose Iowa States faults, but will they succeed?

We will find out tomorrow as Spencer Sanders makes his long awaited return to the gridiron. 

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Comments (5)
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Kansas cowboy
Kansas cowboy

Sanders Sanders where to start I guess where he end a fumble. I want to believe everyone in the know. Is he better? Who ever is qb reciever will need to catch and block. Defense will need to cover the middle. 34- 27

Kansas cowboy
Kansas cowboy

Most important I'm ready for football.


I'm aware we have some solid to great offensive weapons, but I'm anxious to see Presley get involved. The kid just ads some extra juice......returns, inside slants.....get the kid a chance to move in space! He's a stud. But mostly....let's just win! By one or 21......just win!


The national media is drunk on Iowa State. Staggering, slobbering drunk. Their analysis is: OSU hasn’t played anybody, and their offense is suspect. Purdy is a first-round pick and Matt Campbell is the next Nick Saban.
Pokes win 34-21.


huh? None of the National media gave ISU the edge because of 3 TEs?

I hate picking numbers, but I think OSU gets a solid win... I'll go with RA's score that's in the neighborhood.