More Cowboys Getting the Work In: Tyrese Williams Impressive

Robert Allen

STILLWATER -- Oklahoma State head football coach Mike Gundy and assistant athletic director for speed, strength, and conditioning Rob Glass have been confident throughout the separation between players and coaches during the COVID-19 pandemic that the Cowboy football players would find ways to get the work in. We've seen all kinds of examples from running back Micah Cooper going out and finding a complete weight set and then giving a motivational speech to defensive end Brock Martin's vertical on the back of a flatbed truck to Malcolm Rodriguez garage lifting the bar, plates, and heavy chains. 

"Our strength levels are on the high end," Glass said of the Cowboys players. "Those are somewhat cyclical as well. For us maturity we are on the high side. If they do have to spend a significant time away our strength levels at the end of the winter program were at a very high level."

One Cowboy that sure doesn't look like his strength levels are sliding is red-shirt sophomore center Tyrese Williams. The standout and Texas Sports Writers Association third-team All-State lineman is back home in Houston and check out his strength workout.

"With football right now we're trying to maintain fitness levels, which is the main thing," Glass added. "We are going to take some hits in peak strength since they aren't able to get to bigger weights and their central nervous system will see some regression there."

Not with Williams and not with a lot of these players as they are finding a way to get it done. You have to love the orange pickup and while the Name, Image, and Likeness legislation and ruling with the NCAA is not passed yet or in place. Williams is setting himself well with GMC, Not intentional and my guess is that Williams is quite capable of towing a Ford, Chevy, or Dodge Ram too. 

Gundy has always been a huge fan of Rob Glass saying it was one of the best hires he made and that Glass is the best in his business. It is right now that Glass and his capable staff may be doing their best work.

"Coaches provided them with what they need in all different areas, whether there’s facilities to work, or it’s at home stuff and we’ve stayed in touch with them," Gundy said. "I’ve seen posts on Twitter and Facebook [accounts] with them lifting and continuing to train and work."

So have we and Tyrese Williams just became the most impressive. 

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