Behind Enemy Sidelines: Ole Miss and MSU on the SI Preseason All-SEC Teams

Nate Gabler

Welcome to the newest feature from The Grove Report – Behind Enemy Sidelines.

Each week, Nate Gabler of The Grove Report is going to be joined by Joel Coleman of Sports Illustrated's Cowbell Corner for a collaborative video show targeting all Mississippians. 

Last week, we kicked everything off by talking about the current state of player empowerment in the NCAA and the potential for less toxicity in the 2020 Egg Bowl. Last week's premiere show can be found here.

This week in our second episode, Joel and Nate break down the Sports Illustrated Preseason All-SEC Team, which we published on Tuesday. We also talked about the current state of college football among coronavirus and the potential for a spring season.

See above for the full video or below for more targeted clips.

Ole Miss players snubbed from the SI Preseason All-SEC Teams:

Current state of college football amid coronavirus:

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