Everything Lane Kiffin, Keith Carter and Ole Miss Players Are Saying About Fall Football

Nate Gabler

The Big Ten is shut down. Sources well in the know seem to think all of fall football will be shut down by the end of the week.

Yet those in the Southeastern Conference are publicly rebelling against that notion.  

SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey released a statement on Monday afternoon, which you can find in full here, saying the conference is not ready to shut things down for the fall. It's a notion that's been adopted by a plethora of Ole Miss coaches, and by late Monday afternoon the two most important athletics figures on campus – head football coach Lane Kiffin and athletic director Keith Carter. 

"Our players want to play!" Kiffin said, taking to Twitter. "Our staff wants to coach them! I’m so proud of our team #WeWantToPlay"

It's a popular hashtag that literally could save the sport for fall play. 

Keith Carter had his own statement on Monday afternoon:

 “We are blessed with some of the most passionate and hard working student-athletes in the nation,” Carter said. “As administrators, we will fight for their health and safety as well as their opportunity to compete. #WeWantToPlay.”

By the time of publishing, two FBS Conferences (The Big Ten and Mountain West) have cancelled football. 

The Southeastern Conference and commissioner Greg Sankey seem to be fighting back again that notion, but as someone within the Rebel athletic department told The Grove Report over the weekend, everything could change and shut down tomorrow. 

“Best advice I’ve received since COVID-19: ‘Be patient. Take time when making decisions. This is all new & you’ll gain better information each day,’” Sankey said. “The SEC has been deliberate at each step since March...slowed return to practice...delayed 1st game to respect start of fall semester... Deveoped testing protocols... We know concerns remain. We have never had a FB season in a COVID-19 environment. Can we play? I don’t know. We haven’t stopped trying. We support, educate and care for student-athletes every day, and will continue to do so every day.”

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