Lane Kiffin is "Very Concerned" About Players Overlooking Vanderbilt

Nate Gabler

Lane Kiffin has never been shy about speaking his mind. 

Sometimes, like earlier this week, it has led him to being fined by the Southeastern Conference. Other times, he likes to send direct messages to his team through the media. On Wednesday afternoon, he wasn't shy to say that he's worried that his team may be overlooking the winless Vanderbilt Commodores. 

"I'm very concerned, with a team you're in their first year and you haven't been through a full season with them. We talk about it so they understand – every week is new," Kiffin said. "You have to play every week, regardless of who you're playing. Especially in the SEC, everyone has good players and good coaches."

In fairness to the Ole Miss players, Vanderbilt has won one of their last 11 SEC games. Currently, they're ranked No. 120 nationally by SP+, 126th in offense and 75th in defense. For reference, they're the only SEC team ranked outside the top 75. 

That said, even when Vanderbilt is down, they always seem to play Ole Miss well. The Commodores are 2-2 in their last four games against Ole Miss, with Vandy both games in Nashville, where this game will be played. Since 2010, Ole Miss is 2-3 in games at Vanderbilt.

It's a team that is certainly struggling, but has always posed issues for Ole Miss, and a team this coaching staff thinks is dangerous. Want to see where they've played well this year? Look no further than week one against a top-10 Texas A&M team on the road.  

"It's been three weeks since they played, so there's not as much film as other teams on them," Kiffin said. "But these guys are dangerous. They played (Texas) A&M really well, were right there with them at the end of the game."

Vanderbilt lost that Texas A&M game 17-12 in College Station. But they're literally the only team to hold the Aggies (the nation's No. 25 offense by SP+), under 24 points.

Let's be clear about one thing: Vanderbilt is the worst team in the SEC. But they're still an SEC football team. If Ole Miss doesn't get up for this game, they're certainly capable of losing even as 16.5 point favorites. 

Ole Miss has no excuses in this one. There's no look ahead game – the Rebels have a bye week following Vanderbilt. On paper, they should win the next two games, with South Carolina coming up after the bye. 

But you have to play one week at a time, and that's the Rebel coach's pitch this week.

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