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Lane Kiffin Defends Nick Saban Over Jimbo Fisher NIL Comments

We have a situation brewing in college football over NIL, and Ole Miss, Jackson State, Alabama and Texas A&M are currently the vocal parties.

There's a potential storm brewing in college football and the SEC, and Lane Kiffin has already chosen what side he's on.

Alabama head coach Nick Saban discussed on Wednesday what he believed to be improper use of name, image and likeness by Texas A&M, something that has also been addressed by Lane Kiffin prior to national signing day.

“You read about it, you know who they are," Saban said. "We were second in recruiting last year. A&M was first. A&M bought every player on their team. Made a deal for name, image and likeness.

“We didn’t buy one player. Aight? But I don’t know if we’re going to be able to sustain that in the future, because more and more people are doing it. It’s tough.”

Lane Kiffin
Lane Kiffin and Sam Williams
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Saban was also quick to point out that Jackson State and head coach Deion Sanders landed a top player in the last recruiting cycle, citing NIL for that move as well.

“We have a rule right now that said you cannot use name, image and likeness to entice a player to come to your school," Saban said. "Hell, read about it in the paper! I mean, Jackson State paid a guy a million dollars last year that was a really good Division I player to come to school. It was in the paper, and they bragged about it. Nobody did anything about it.”

Sanders responded to Saban's remarks on Twitter, calling them a "lie."

Kiffin then responded to Sanders, advising him to "lay off the goat."

Jimbo Fisher held a press conference on Thursday to address Saban's comments as well, even seeming to take personal shots at the Crimson Tide head coach.

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"First of all, I'll say it's a shame that we have to do this," Fisher said. "It's really despicable. It's despicable that somebody can say things about 17-year-old kids and their families that they broke state laws. We never bought anybody. No rules were broken. 

"It's despicable that a reparable head coach can come out and say this when things go his way. The narcissist in him doesn't allow this to happen. The parity in college football he's been talking about, go talk to coaches who coached for him. Go dig in to wherever he's been. You can find out anything."

Kiffin was "speechless" after Fisher's comments, according to Bruce Feldman.

Some important dates to keep in mind moving forward:

SEC Media Days: Lane Kiffin (July 18), Nick Saban (July 19), Jimbo Fisher (July 21)

Ole Miss at Texas A&M: Oct. 29 -- College Station, Texas

Texas A&M at Alabama: Oct. 8 -- Tuscaloosa, Ala.

Buckle up, folks. Falls in the SEC are always interesting, but this one may be more fiery than ever.

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