Oregon Football Recruiting Hot Board

A look at where the Ducks stand with their top prospects.

Current Oregon Football  2022 recruiting class

4-star RB Jamie Felix (Kingsland, GA)

Top 10: South Carolina, Oregon, Miami, Penn State, Florida, Auburn, Georgia Tech Mississippi State, Florida State, Ole Miss

5-star WR Kevin Coleman (St. Louis, MO)

Top 8: Alabama, Oregon, USC, Texas, Georgia, Penn State, Florida State, Arizona State

5-star WR Evan Stewart (Frisco, TX)

Top 8: Texas, Florida, USC, Texas A&M, Oregon, Georgia, Alabama, LSU

4-star WR Darrius Clemons (Portland, OR)

Top 10: Oregon, Arizona, Auburn, Notre Dame, Oregon State, Stanford, Northwestern, Penn State, Michigan, USC

Official visits scheduled: Auburn (6/4-6/6), Penn State (6/18-6/20), USC (6/11-6/13), Michigan (6/25-6/27).

4-star WR Chris Marshall (Fort Bend, TX)

Top 8: Oregon, Texas A&M, Alabama, Jackson State, USC, Arizona State, LSU, Auburn

4-star WR Brenen Thompson (Spearman, TX)

Top 12: Texas A&M, Clemson, Nebraska, Auburn, Texas, Stanford, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Alabama, Oregon, Georgia, Texas Tech

3-star WR Kevin Green Jr. (Mission Hills, CA)

Top 8: USC, Cal, Stanford, Oregon, Utah, San Diego State, Washington State, Nebraska.

Official visits scheduled: USC (06/2021)

5-star OT Kelvin Banks JR. (Humble, TX)

Top 8: LSU, Oregon, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Arkansas, Texas A&M, Texas, Ole Miss

Official visits scheduled: LSU (6/4-6/6), Oregon (6/8-6/10), Oklahoma State (6/16-6/18), Texas (6/18-6/20), Texas ATM (6/24-6/26). 

4-star OL Earnest Green (Bellflower, CA)

Top 10: Ohio State, LSU, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, USC, Oklahoma, Texas, Oregon, Texas A&M

4-star OL Cameron Williams (Duncanville, TX)

Top 11: Ohio State, LSU, Georgia, Auburn, Miami, Oklahoma, Oregon, Houston, SMU, Michigan, Florida State

Official visits scheduled: Oregon (6/4-6/6)

4-star OL Dayne Shor (Alpharetta, GA)

Top 10: Oklahoma, Georgia, Louisville, Alabama, Tennessee, UCF, Texas A&M, USC, Florida, Oregon

Official visits scheduled: Oregon (6/4-6/6), Oklahoma (6/18-6/20), Alabama, USC

3-star OT Daughtry Richardson (Miami, FL)

Top 10: Missouri, USF, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, West Virginia, Florida State, Oregon, Arizona State, South Carolina, Purdue

5-star DT Walter Nolen (Cordova, TN)

Top 8: LSU, Alabama, Michigan, Georgia, Florida, Oregon, Ohio State, USC

4-star DT Anthony Lucas (Scottsdale, AZ)

Top 10: Florida State, USC, Texas, Alabama, Texas A&M, Michigan, Notre Dame, Georgia, Oregon, UCLA.

4-star DE Cyrus Moss (Las Vegas, NV)

Top 5: Arizona State, Clemson, Florida, Oregon, Notre Dame

4-star DE Marvin Jones Jr. (Fort Lauderdale, FL) 

Top 10: Miami, Florida, Alabama, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Florida State, Georgia, Oregon, Texas, Jackson State

4-star WDE Mario Eugenio (Clearwater, FL)

Top 10: Oregon, Cincinnati, Michigan, Miami, Arizona State, Indiana, Iowa State, Missouri, Mississippi State, Arkansas

Official visits scheduled: Michigan, (6/18-6/20)

4-star SDE Zac Sanson (Phoenix, AZ)

Final 4: Oregon, Kentucky, Texas, USC

4-star SDE Ernest Cooper IV (Arlington, TX)

Top 5: Stanford, Notre Dame, Oregon, Texas A&M, Ohio State

4-star WDE DJ Wesolak (Boonville, MO)

Top 15: Alabama, Clemson, Auburn, Texas A&M, Oregon, Notre Dame, USC, Arizona State, Oklahoma, Texas, Florida, Miami, Georgia, North Carolina, LSU

4-star DT Marquis Gracial (St. Charles, MO)

Top 5: Missouri, Alabama, Oregon, Arizona State, Iowa State

Commitment date: 7/29/21

4-star DT Dominick James (Bradenton, FL)

Top 12: South Carolina, Oregon, Ohio State, Alabama, USC, Wisconsin, Penn State, Arizona, Florida, Texas A&M, UCF, Georgia

Official visits scheduled: South Carolina (6/25-6/27)

3-star DT Aaron Bryant

Top 10: Georgia, Alabama, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas A&M, Ole Miss, Auburn, Indiana, Texas, LSU. 

Official visits scheduled: Georgia (6/4-6/6)

4-star LB Niuafe Junior Tuihalamaka (Mission Hills, CA)

Top 5: Notre Dame, Arizona State, Texas, Stanford, Oregon

4-star LB Stone Blanton (Madison, MS)

Mississippi State Baseball Commit

Top 7: Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Louisville, Oregon, Stanford, Texas A&M, South Carolina

4-star CB Ephesians Prysock (Mission Hills, CA)

Top 10: Oregon, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma, USC, LSU, Arizona State, UCLA, Texas, Colorado.

4-star ATH Jaden Mangham (Franklin, MI)

Top 15: Oregon, Michigan, West Virginia, Georgia Tech, Penn State, Nebraska, Baylor, Michigan State, Florida, Cincinnati, Minnesota, Miami, Kentucky, Washington State, Bowling Green

Official visits scheduled: Georgia Tech (6/11-6/13)

4-star S Sherrod Covil (Chesapeake, VA)

Top 11: Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Maryland, Michigan, Notre Dame, Oregon, Penn State, Virginia, USC, Virginia Tech

4-star S Zion Branch (Las Vegas, NV)

Top 11: Oregon, Texas, Alabama, Clemson, LSU, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Stanford, USC, Washington, Arizona State

4-star S Cristian Driver (Argyle, TX)

Top 12: Oregon, Nebraska, Texas A&M, LSU, Wisconsin, Ohio State, Florida, Penn State, Alabama, Michigan, Texas, Oklahoma

Official visits scheduled: Penn State (6/18-6/20)

4-star CB Toriano Pride (St. Louis, MO)

Top 7: Alabama, Clemson, Auburn, Missouri, Ohio State, Oregon, Georgia

4-star CB Benjamin Morrison (Phoenix, AZ)

Top 10: Oregon, Washington, Michigan, Notre Dame, UCLA, Florida State, Northwestern, Nebraska, Michigan State, Oklahoma

Other names to watch: 5-star ATH Keon Sabb, 4-star WR Tobias Merriweather, 5-star WR Tetairoa McMillan, 4-star WR C.J. Williams

Removed (4/9/21)

-3-star OT Ka’Marii Landers (Dearborn, MI)

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