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College World Series: Aggies Down Horns 10-2 - Live Game Log

The Aggies take on the Longhorns on Sunday with their season on the line

The Texas A&M Aggies came into the College World Series on a hot streak and the No. 5 overall national seed. They have made a deep run in Omaha, but all that momentum came to a halt on Friday against the Sooners. Following their 13-8 loss to Oklahoma, the Aggies' season will be on the line on Sunday, against longtime in-state rival, the Texas Longhorns

This game will no doubt be an emotional one for fans everywhere, watching the maroon and white take on burnt orange. And while it's not on the gridiron (yet), it is a preview for former students and fans of what is coming soon to the SEC.

Stick with as we follow all the in-game action from Omaha in the 374th all-time meeting between the Aggies and Longhorns in an elimination game of the College World Series.

Texas A&M Lineup:

1. Trevor Werner 3B

2. Jack Moss 1B

3. Dylan Rock LF

4. Austin Bost DH

5. Ryan Targac 2B

6. Troy Claunch C

7. Brett Minnich RF

8. Jordan Thompson CF

9. Kole Kaler SS

RHP Micah Dallas

Texas Lineup:

1. Douglas Hodo III CF

2. Eric Kennedy LF

3. Ivan Melendez 1B

4. Murphy Stehly 2B

5. Austin Todd DH

6. Skyler Messinger 3B

7. Silas Ardoin C

8. Dylan Campbell RF

9. Trey Faultine SS

P Lucas Gordon

Top 1st (Longhorns 1, Aggies 0)

D Hodo III walked on seven pitches

E Kennedy singled to left-center; Hodo III to third

I Melendez struck out swinging

M Stehly popped out to first

A Todd singled to left; Hodo scored; Kennedy to second

S Messinger struck out swinging

Bottom 1st (Longhorns 1, Aggies 0)

T Werner grounded out to third

J Moss flied out to center

D Rock lined out to first

Top 2nd (Longhorns 2, Aggies 0)

S Ardoin struck out looking

D Campbell walks on eight pitches

Campbell stole second

T Faltine grounded out to pitcher; Campbell to third

Hodo III doubled to left; Campbell scored

Kennedy grounded out to first

Bottom 2nd (Longhorns 2, Aggies 4)

A Bost doubled to left field

R Targac grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop; Bost out at third

T Claunch walked on seven pitches; Targac to second

B Minnich doubled to deep right; Targac scored; Claunch to third

J Thompson singled to left; Claunch scored; Minnich to third

K Kaler struck out looking

Thompson stole second

Werner singled to left center; Minnich and Thompson scored

Moss struck out swinging

Top 3rd (Longhorns 2, Aggies 4)

Melendez flied out to left

Stehly flied out to right

Todd singled to center

Messinger grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop; Todd out at second

Bottom 3rd (Longhorns 2, Aggies 5)

Rock grounded out to pitcher

Bost grounded out to shortstop

Texas pitching change: Southard in for Gordon

Targac walked on four pitches

Claunch singled; Targac scores

Minnich struck out swinging

Top 4th (Longhorns 2, Aggies 5)

Ardoin doubled

Campbell walked; Ardoin to second

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Faltine flied out to right

Hodo III flied out to shortstop

Kennedy flied out to left

Bottom 4th (Longhorns 2, Aggies 6)

Thompson doubled off the wall in left field

Kaler bunted, out at first (scored as a sacrifice); Thompson to third

Werner struck out looking

Moss singled to right; Thompson scores

Texas pitching change: Duplantier II in for Southard

Rock walked on six pitches

Bost struck out swinging

Top 5th (Longhorns 2, Aggies 6)

Melendez hit by pitch

Stehly grounded into a fielder's choice; Melendez out at second

Todd grounded out to pitcher; Stehly to second

Messinger grounded out to short

Bottom 5th (Longhorns 2, Aggies 8)

Targac singled to right field

Claunch singled to left; Targac advances to third

Texas pitching change: Harrison in for Duplanier II

Minnich singled to first; bases loaded

Thompson walked on four pitches; Targac scored; Claunch to third; Minnich to second

Kaler grounds out into double play; Claunch scored

Werner grounds out to second

Top 6th (Longhorns 2, Aggies 8)

Ardoin singled to center

Campbell reached on bunt single to pitcher; Ardoin to second

Texas A&M pitching change: Palisch in for Dallas

Faltine struck out swinging

Hodo III struck out looking

Daly hit for Kennedy 

Daly walked; Ardoin to third; Campbell to second

Melendez struck out looking

Bottom 6th (Longhorns 2, Aggies 8)

Moss flied out to left

Rock flied out to right

Bost flied out to left

Top 7th (Longhorns 2, Aggies 8)

Stehly struck out swinging

Todd singled to left

Messinger flied out to center

Ardoin flied out to right

Bottom 7th (Longhorns 2, Aggies 9)

Targac walked

Targac advanced to second on a wild pitch

Texas pitching change: Olivarez in for Harrison

Claunch struck out swinging

Minnich grounded out to first; Targac to third

Thompson walked

Thompson stole second; Targac scored from third on the play

Kaler grounded out to shortstop

Top 8th (Longhorns 2, Aggies 9)

Campbell flied out to right

Faltine struck out looking

Hoda III walked

Texas A&M pitching change: Rudis in for Palisch

Daly struck out swinging

Bottom 8th (Longhorns 2, Aggies 9)

Werner struck out swinging

Moss struck out swinging

Rock hit by pitch

Rock advanced to second on fielder's indifference

Bost doubled to left; Rock scored

Targac struck out looking

Top 9th

Melendez grounded out  to shortstop

Stehly struck out looking

Todd flied out to left


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