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Thank You, Mr. Lewis!

A tribute to the man who keeps KillerFrogs|FanNation killing it

Hey Barry,

It’s late, and I’m tired and too sober on a day off, and I don’t know whose idiot idea it was to write this tribute to you, much less for me to do it, but here goes nothing.

For the record, Fearless Leader blackmailed me.

As far as your accomplishments and contributions to KillerFrogs|FanNation go, there aren’t any. We’ve been working together now for a whole year, and I can honestly say that I’ve learned nothing, except to dread all phone calls and text messages, especially on Sunday.

I know, there is the small fact that KillerFrogs|FanNation recently published its 1,500th article in the course of one year, and you read all of them, edited most of them, and wrote single-handedly probably half while running your own business. But who cares? Anyone can do that. Just ask anyone online.

And, I know, in this year, KillerFrogs|FanNation has produced more than 800,000 words (about the length of War and Peace plus half—more words than are contained in The Bible) but who cares? I only wrote maybe an eighth of them, and those are the only ones that matter, thank you very much.

But, it is what it is, and this being a tribute letter, some of the folks at KillerFrogs|FanNation wanted to say a few things to you, which, as you know, are going to be a load of crap:

“(Barry is) the engine that keeps KillerFrogs|FanNation moving! I’m forever grateful for the opportunity you’ve given me and the friendship built along the way. Thank you for the guidance, the kindness, and the tireless persistence you put into KF every single day. Our culture was established by your welcoming of every single one of us. I look forward to many, many years upcoming.” -- The BFG

“Barry has impacted me so much; he has helped me become a better writer and has given me so many opportunities that I am so grateful for! I am so lucky to have met Barry!” -- Nate Cross

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“Barry is so friendly and welcoming. He takes extra effort to learn more about you as a person. It’s also fun talking TCU and college sports with Barry. Very knowledgeable and a good debater.” -- Tori Couch

“It has been refreshing working alongside someone with the work ethic and passion that Barry Lewis provides each and every day. No matter what challenge is going on in his life, Barry always is upbeat and willing to help tackle whatever we are facing.” -- Derek Lytle

“Barry is incredibly kind and selfless. I’m fairly new to KillerFrogs|FanNation, but Barry has been nothing but welcoming and warm to me ever since joining the team, and I couldn’t have asked for a better boss to write for. He puts so much time into his craft, whether that’s helping us become the best writers or getting to know us and helping us become the best versions of ourselves as people. I can’t thank Barry enough for all he’s done for KillerFrogs|FanNation and myself.” -- Ian Napetian

“I could not have gotten any luckier with Barry and ALL of (the KillerWriters). I know that each day with all of you is a true gift.” -- Ryann Zeller, aka., Fearless Leader

“Barry Lewis? Never heard of him.” -- Tyler Brown

On a serious note, Barry, it has been a pleasure working with you and going to the games with you—baseball was a particular joy of mine. Perhaps one day, you will cure me of my sports ignorance, but hopefully not too soon. I think everyone covered your virtues pretty well; I’d just add that you are a great friend, one of the things I value most highly in people. You are blessed. As am I, by your friendship.

Looking forward to many years working together.

With highest regards,


P.S., this Natty lady you keep talking about. Is she single?!