Last year, Jordan Bone almost didn’t get drafted into the NBA.

It wasn’t until the second round, with the 57th pick, that the Detroit Pistons selected the former Tennessee point guard.

What followed was as wild and euphoric of a celebration as we’ve seen, as Bone’s family- led by his brother, former Tennessee forward Josh Bone- rushed to congratulate the Pistons’ newest point guard.

Now, Bone has another historic moment to celebrate.

He surprised his mom for Mother’s Day by attaining his degree from the University of Tennessee, all while completing his first NBA season. 

Granted, that commitment alone should require a celebration.

On Friday, in an appearance on SportsCenter, Bone and his mother, Karen, got a celebration— along with much more.

In the video, Bone dons his graduation regalia. But before he can move his tassel... well, watch below and see for yourself:

As one can tell, Tennessee coach Rick Barnes and UT Knoxville Chancellor Donde Plowman congratulate Bone in a video taken from Tennessee’s practice court at Pratt Pavilion.

Both are dressed in full ceremony regalia, and the best twist comes at the end.

After instructing Bone to move his tassel, Plowman and Barnes perform one more move in support of the VFL.

Plowman opens her gown to reveal an orange Tennessee jersey with number zero, Bone’s number on Rocky Top.

Almost simultaneously, Vols coach Rick Barnes slides his gown open, showing a blue Pistons jersey, no. 18— Bone’s number since entering the NBA.

Karen Bone was visibly moved by the gesture, and Bone commented on the surprise.

“I appreciate you guys for putting all this together,” Bone said on SportsCenter. He followed that up by offering advice to any kids watching who may want to achieve the same dreams:

“Believe in yourself, and put in the work it takes to get there.” 

In his time in Knoxville, Bone became well-known for slicing through defenses and dishing no-look passes, and he averaged 1.2 points per game in 10 appearances since transitioning to the NBA.

No matter what accolades he achieves at the professional level, though, this will likely be a moment Bone remembers forever.