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Watch: Tony Vitello Defends Rick Barnes' Character, Tells Hilarious Story About Him

Tennessee baseball head coach Tony Vitello sings high praise and delivers funny story about fellow UT head coach Rick Barnes

Amidst the drama former UT football head coach Jeremy Pruitt has created in threatening to sue UT if the University does not reach a settlement with him, in addition to going after men's basketball head coach Rick Barnes with claims of having dirt on him, Tennessee baseball head coach Tony Vitello delivers his general feelings and a hilarious anecdote regarding Barnes when speaking at the Knoxville Quarterback Club on Monday. (Watch video below)

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Vitello's high praise for his fellow Rocky Top head coach backs the confidence the University has displayed regarding the threats from Pruitt, as, for the time being, UT is not budging. 

Barnes also responded to Pruitt's lawyer's allegations in an official statement to ESPN last week. 

"I'm really disappointed that Jeremy would throw people's names around that he knows did nothing but support him the entire time he was here and make these unsubstantiated claims," Barnes said at the time.  "I would invite the NCAA to come in any day of the week and investigate our program. I have too much respect for our players, our school and our administration for somebody to ever think we were not doing things right here and make such ridiculous statements.”

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