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Josh Heupel Continues High School Tour

Tennessee head coach Josh Heupel is on the recruiting trail and touring high schools searching for future Volunteers.

Recruiting season tells us which programs are positioned well for the future. It's important to recruit elite players, but the coaches that go on the road can often tell us as much as the caliber of players they are recruiting.

Tennessee head coach Josh Heupel has been one of the most visible coaches in the sport. He's been to several high schools to watch quarterbacks play basketball, went to North Carolina to see Providence Day, and has undoubtedly been to other locations.

He continued this scouting spree on Monday when he visited Boyd Buchanan High School in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Heupel has scored the local scene for talent, but his work in other states underlines his commitment.

Some head coaches opt to travel less and make their assistants do a lot of scouting work. Everyone at Tennessee plays a hand on the recruiting trail, including the head coach.

This work ethic and drive have made Heupel stand out to prospective recruits. Players routinely relate to how reliable and understanding Heupel is, which may come from a unique drive to reach the pinnacle of the sport, albeit through coaching instead of playing.

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