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Big 12 Baseball: New Rule Proposal Proves  The NCAA Still Hates Fun

The NCAA proposed a rule to prohibit celebratory props outside of the dugout.

There might not be another sport that is as good at inadvertently driving away both old fans and potential new fans as baseball

For a sport that already skews towards the older demographic, and desperately needs to attract a younger audience, one would think the NCAA would embrace the unique home run celebrations that different teams have come up with. 

From Tennessee's fur jacket to Texas' football helmet and Oklahoma State's cowboy hat, these celebrations make baseball better. They fire up the crowd and help people fall in love with the game. So, the NCAA should love that, right? 

Well, unfortunately, that is not the case, as they are proposing a new rule for the 2023 season that would limit these props to the dugout. Instead of embracing the uniqueness that makes college baseball special, the NCAA continues to ignore changes that could actually endear fans to the game. 

Rather, they are insistent on stamping out anything fun in favor of shortening the game. Yes, the game times could be improved, but taking away these celebrations is not the way to go about it. 

Baseball is not inherently the most exciting sport. For large stretches, nothing overly exciting happens. However, when those moments do happen, why would you want to limit them to the dugout? 

Let them celebrate in front of their fans and have a little fun in the process. A fur jacket or a cowboy hat isn't hurting anyone, but rather drawing more eyeballs to your game. Simply put, shut up and let the kids play. 

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