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Can Texas Tech Avoid An Upset Loss Against Kansas?

The RedRaiderReview staff offers their way-too-early predictions for Texas Tech vs. Kansas.

The Texas Tech Red Raiders are entering the first year of the Joey McGuire era looking to make strides of improvement towards being Big 12 contenders once again. To do so there are games they must win, usually in the eyes of fans, and one of those games will be the Kansas Jayhawks. 

Last season the Red Raiders had no issue at all with the Jayhawks, cruising to a seemingly easy 41-14 blowout victory. They would put up 438 yards of total offense while holding the Jayhawks to 273 yards, something they must repeat this season if they want to avoid the upset. 

This season might be closer as the Jayhawks showed signs of life at times in their first year under coach Lance Leipold, including a near upset win over Oklahoma and a road upset win over Texas. 

Here at, we have offered an in-depth look at the Jayhawks this week as part of our way-too-early season preview. First we looked at potential offensive weapons that could give Texas Tech trouble, then defenders who could do the same

Now, we will provide our way-too-early score predictions for the Red Raiders Week 11 matchup against the Jayhawks. 

Timm Hamm - Editor-in-Chief

The Red Raiders are probably going to win a game or two that they shoud lose, and lose a game or two that they should win. This is a game that might catch Texas Tech and coach Joey McGuire on an off week.

Both of these teams are on the rise, but even home-field advantage for Tech won't help in this one.

Kansas 35, Texas Tech 31

Connor Zimmerlee - Staff Writer

Despite this game being a blowout victory for the Red Raiders in 2021, that likely won't be the case this time around. The Red Raiders aren't that much better than the Jayhawks this season which could lead to a game that is closer than many expect it to be. While the Red Raiders will likely pull this one out ultimately, look for the Jayhawks to keep it competitive well into the fourth quarter. 

Texas Tech 38, Kansas 35

Cole Thompson - Reporter/Columnist

Texas Tech is going to get an upset win or two this season. The Red Raiders also will be upset along the way. And while Kansas as a program is still miles behind in terms of future potential, the Jayhawks aren’t that far off from competing with Tech and several other lower-tier Big 12 programs.

Lance Leipold gained the respect of many Jayhawk faithful last season when picking up a win in Austin. He continues to show his commitment to fixing the program’s image with a win in Lubbock.

Kansas 30, Texas Tech 28

Matthew Postins - Staff Writer

The Red Raiders should win this game. But don't underestimate Kansas in this one. The Red Raiders aren't THAT much better than the Jayhawks right now, and the program has actual momentum right now (as opposed to the faux momentum that always seems to confuse us). Quarterback play will make the difference, and the room in Lubbock is a little better than the room in Lawrence.

Texas Tech 38, Kansas 31

Michael Gresser - Staff Writer

I have no doubt Lance Leipold is building something in Lawrence, Kansas. However, the Red Raiders will not lose to the Jayhawks in Year 1 under Joey McGuire. With as many questions as I have about Texas Tech on both sides of the football, their talent across the board is on another level than Kansas. Add in that the Red Raiders have the luxury of playing in Jones AT&T Stadium, and I see no outcome where the Jayhawks come out on top. 

Texas Tech 35, Kansas 27

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