Did Vince Young turn down the 2005 Heisman Trophy?

Tomer Barazani

On the Pat McAfee show, former USC running back Reggie Bush confirmed the viral rumor around the 2005 Heisman.

University of Texas legend Vince Young put up one of the more legendary seasons in college football history in 2005. The Houston native came up just short of The Heisman Trophy, finishing behind Reggie Bush (2,541 points to Young’s 1,608).

Although Young didn’t achieve this prestigious award, Texas fans will forever remember the National Championship game facing USC. The monstrous statline for Young featured 467 total yards of offense and three rushing touchdowns. With 19 seconds left, Young took over and scored the infamous game-winning nine-yard touchdown run on fourth down.

In 2010, The Heisman Trophy Trust revoked the award from Bush due to rule violations. In the show with McAfee, Bush confirmed that Young declined the offer to inherit the award:

“That’s why I appreciate Vince. Even in that moment, even in that time, he wasn’t a sucker. Period. He wasn’t a sucker. He didn’t go for whatever that they were trying to bring towards his way. I appreciate him for that because that’s real, that’s real love. It’s powerful, man. I think that’s so powerful. When I think about it, sometimes I get chills in my back. He had every right, every right, to say ‘Yeah, give me that Heisman,’ and he didn’t. Vince showed me the kind of love that even some of the people closest to me didn’t even show me.”

Vince Young continues to be a classy figure in the industry that is well respected by the community and is constantly praised by Texas fans for bringing home the National Championship.