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Falcons Star Robinson was Overwhelmed by NIL Deals at Texas

Former Longhorns star running back Bijan Robinson speaks on NIL deals in Austin
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While NIL deals are to serve a player with more opportunities, it could also be stressful at times, Whether it be compensation, social media growth, or anything else for the student-athletes, there's always a price they have to pay, too.

Atlanta Falcons running back and former Texas Longhorn Bijan Robinson saw the dark sides of NIL deals. He had an NIL valuation of $1.8 million, according to On3, making him one of the top-valued college athletes during the NIL time.

Despite the $1.8 million valuation, Robinson was stressed at times with brand news as it was tough to keep up with multiple roles.

With school, practice, film, studying, hanging out with friends, talking to family, and more, the life of a student-athlete isn't all sunshine and rainbows. 

In fact, it's much tougher than the typical college student. 

Factor in brand deals and partnerships and it's easy to see why Robinson was feeling the way he was.

He even said that there was a time he wasn't talking to his mom according to Essentially Sports.

“There was a point where like, I wasn’t talking to my mom."

Robinson says he was tired, mentally and physically.

“By the end of my sophomore year, it started to get really hard. And I just had to sit back,” he said.

He learned quickly that taking care of his mental health and himself was the top priority. It's not easy doing what Robinson did, especially at his age. 

The potential NFL superstar knows the highs and the lows of NIL deals, something many don't share.