Texas Football: How Mack Brown Used Jerry Springer to Relax His Team Before BCS National Championship Game vs. USC

Chris Dukes

As ESPN prepares to air the 2006 BCS National Championship Game on Thursday night, Texas coach Mack Brown shared a seldom-heard story about how a talk show helped him get his team ready to take the field. 

"So you're getting ready to play for the national championship," Brown said. "You're sitting in a room by yourself. crowds are so crazy. You moved your team to a hotel that nobody knows where you are. But what do you tell them? What do you tell them before the game?" 

So I'm sitting there and I'm not sure what's going on flipping TV and I see this show Jerry Springer. Well, crazy. There's three 30-minute minute episodes. I watch all three. So I go into the team meeting for pregame and I sit there and I'm looking at them. They're all looking at me and I can tell they're really uptight. Because this is really important."

"So the first thing we said, 'Thank you. Thank you for getting us here. Your parents love it. The faculty loves it. The administrators love it. The fans love it. Everybody loves it. Your coaches love it, but it's about you. So thank you for getting us here. The second thing I said, I'm going to tell you something's gonna change your life for the good. It's gonna help you win the game and change your life. I had on them. They were all locked in and I said so how many of you've ever seen The show Jerry Springer. Every one of them raised their hand to my amazement and ask them let me tell you something I learned this morning because of watch three shows. If your girlfriend or your wife ever asked you to come on the Jerry Springer show don't go man. It ain't good brother.'" 

"And they all died laughing. And I said, 'That's right. We didn't come here to be uptight. We've got a good team. We just have to be us. Don't try to do too much. Let's go enjoy winning the national championship.'"

USC will air the classic game tonight at 7 p.m. Central Time.