Cowboys Legend Aikman Visits Longhorns Campus

Legendary Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman's tour of college football continued on Tuesday with a stop at the University of Texas, where he met up with another legend in former Longhorn QB Colt McCoy
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Former Dallas Cowboys Hall-of-Fame quarterback Troy Aikman has been sort of making his rounds to college campuses as of late, beginning with a Sunday trip to Jackson State, where he visited his former Super Bowl-winning teammate, Deion Sanders. 

The occasion? A celebration of Sanders's debut as a college coach, now in his first season at Jackson State.

The two Pro Football Hall-of-Famers won the Lombardi Trophy together, capping a 1995 season fraught with drama and conflict. Among the issues: Then-newcomer Sanders' veiled accusations, directed at Aikman, that the QB barked orders at Black players in a way that was different than he directed other teammates were an unfair and inaccurate portrait of Aikman's qualities as a leader.

WATCH: Deion Debut, Aikman Attends; Cowboys At Jackson State

But that was 25 years ago, and teammates are teammates. Surely Aikman has since forged a better relationship with Sanders, and surely Sanders takes a less incendiary approach to unfounded accusations. And now? The two embrace as they choose to forgive one another, rather than hold a grudge.

The next stop on Aikman's tour? None other than the 40 Acres of the University of Texas, where the NFL Hall-of-Famer met up with former Longhorns legend Colt McCoy -- The winningest quarterback in Texas Football history. 

“Great day (with even better people) touring the athletic facilities at the University of Texas,” Aikman wrote on social media.

McCoy, who watched Aikman growing up, shattered the previous record of 30 wins for a starting quarterback, winning 45 of 53 starts, and rewrote the Texas record books in the process. 

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Aikman, who toured the complete set of facilities, including some brand new additions, was a standout and former No. 1 overall pick at an enemy institution of McCoy - the University of Oklahoma. (For a moment, anyway, as Aikman became a superstar at UCLA.)

McCoy of course, got the best of the Sooners during his time with Texas, winning 3-of-4 meetings in Dallas, throwing for nearly 900 yards and six touchdowns while completing 66.9-percent of his passes in those games.

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Rivalry aside, the two quarterbacks have found some common ground, however. A mutual admiration for good football, and, it seems, the University of Texas

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