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Sark Reveals The 'Two Prongs' (And 'Patience') Toward Longhorns Success

Texas coach Steve Sarkisian - “all gas, no brakes'' - says that there is some value in Longhorns patience along the path as well

University of Texas first-year head coach Steve Sarkisian is an "all-gas, no-brakes'' kind of guy. But mixed into the mantra is another factor.


That's not the word he used. But it is tucked into the implication of what Sark said on Tuesday; like it or not, it's going to be part of this Longhorns process.

"We have to focus on who we are every single day,'' Sarkisian said. "Everybody wants to win at the end. But we have to be careful not to focus on the end, but instead, on who we are, on a daily basis.

"And then when those moments do come, to be a winner, to be a champion, we know how to do it.''

Does Texas want to win now, and win big? Of course. But in Sark's visit on Tuesday with "G-Bag Nation'' on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas, he made it clear that success is a matter not just of desire, but also of order.

The biggest part of that order? What he called a "two-pronged'' view of his team-building.

"Clearly, we've got a current roster in place that's talented,'' he said. "It's our job as coaches to put them in position to be successful, on the field and off the field.

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The second piece,'' he said, "is recruiting. We've got to continue to built the roster the way we want it to look.

"So it's two-pronged: A talented roster, plus the kind of players we want to bring into Texas.''

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In Sark's introductory press conference, he said, “I came here to win championships. That’s the goal. ... That’s what’s going to drive us every single day.”

But just as at his previous stops, including most recently as the offensive coordinator at national-champ Alabama, he recognizes there are steps. A "process,'' as coaches like to say.

"Patience''? Nobody likes that word. "Process''? Longhorns fans are going to have to deal with that one.

We're chasing greatness every day,'' Sarkisian said. "And I believe that day will come.''

Hopefully so. But it'll take a couple of "prongs.'' And at least a little "patience.''

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