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WATCH: Saban To Sark - Can Texas Borrow Alabama Recruiting Pitch?

Texas would be wise to borrow whatever recruiting page from Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban is made available.

Sark isn't Saban.

Texas isn't Alabama.

And Amari Cooper isn't a Longhorn.

Nevertheless, there is pretty much nothing new under the sun when it comes to college football recruiting, and the University of Texas' hire of head coach Steve Sarkisian represents a smart concession to the fact that his former employer, the University of Alabama, knows how to get it done.

So Texas would be wise to borrow whatever page from Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban is made available.

An internet recruiting visit that the Crimson Tide staged with a recruit shows a fairly laid-back Saban rattling off the details of the quality of the Alabama program. He talks of the impressive number of championships, FBS championship game appearances and CFB playoff appearances that Alabama - this season once again the best team in college football - has earned in recent years.

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And then Saban notes the depth of the Alabama roster and the benefits of that, mentioning that last year, 64 players in the NFL are products of his program - a list that of course includes Dallas Cowboys star Amari Cooper.

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Saban's point to the kid: At other schools who are recruiting you, they might tell you that you'll get playing time more quickly. ... but at Alabama, you'll get better because you'll be competing against the best every day in practice.

How does this work specific to Cooper? Amari will be the first to tell you how inspired he continues to be by the mentorship and the "push'' of Saban. Cooper now is a symbol of what a high school recruit might dream of being, as Amari produced a 1,000-receiving yard, 11 touchdown season as a freshman, later finished third in the Heisman Trophy race, and in 2020 experienced his fifth 1,000-yard receiving season in his six years as a pro.

And how does this work specific to Sark? Texas, of course, has its own Amari-like stories. So that part is easy. Otherwise? Longhorns fans hope it already is working, with this week's National Signing Day ... and they hope the blueprint - or a burnt-orange-and-blueprint, if you will - works again for years and years.

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