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Former UCF HC Scott Frost Under Fire at Nebraska, Leads Huskers in First Game Today

With allegations of non-sanctioned practices and illegal use of analysts against his Cornhuskers, former UCF Head Coach Scott Frost is facing scrutiny from many directions. He has a chance to at least quiet the critics with a win today over Illinois.
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Current Nebraska Head Coach Scott Frost has been the media darling before. Now, he’s in the crosshairs of the media, as well as the NCAA, for possible NCAA infractions.

After leading UCF to an undefeated season in 2017, Frost left UCF for his alma mater, Nebraska. Since that time things have spiraled into an abyss as it relates to winning, but recent allegations might even do more damage than what the Cornhuskers garnered on the gridiron.

As Orlando Sentinel sports writer Mike Bianchi aptly put the situation into words on Aug. 25, 

“Those of us that knew Frost at UCF can only wonder if the immense pressure to win at his alma mater has sadly turned him into an NCAA cheater.”

That was part of Bianchi’s column regarding the embattled Head Coach. Considering the developments regarding NCAA cheating, or, at least the accusation of cheating, Bianchi probably had good reason to wonder about the former UCF Head Coach and what’s going on in Lincoln, Neb. You can access Bianchi’s article here, as it’s a really good read:

Did Pressure to Win at Nebraska turn Scott Frost into a Cheater?

The alleged allegations would not be the ones that most college football fans expect. It’s not cash for recruits, nor would it be a new job for a recruit’s parent to gain an advantage to sign that young man.

Instead, it’s primarily about illegal use of analysts during practices and games. The first person to truly detail this information would be Brett McMurphy of Action Sports Network. After he came out with information about the supposed wrong doing, it tumbled downhill from there. That’s not all Coach Frost and his program are accused of doing wrong, per NCAA rules, and McMurphy mentioned that as well during his initial report.

Holding off-campus workouts during times that are not permitted. That’s a big no-no within the college football rules. If proven to be true, Nebraska could be hit with penalties just for that infraction. Combining that infraction with the illegal use of analysts and there could be a pattern of behavior that causes the NCAA to come down hard on Nebraska Football.

How long will Scott Frost Survive at Nebraska?

How long will Scott Frost Survive at Nebraska?

How in the world the NCAA unravels this mess would be the question. Video? First-hand testimony? Both? How many improper workouts? Length of the workout? The number of questions that stem from this situation could reach 50 quite easily. There is one piece of good news for Coach Frost and the Cornhuskers. They play at Illinois today at 1 pm.

This game will be a chance for Coach Frost and his players to go out and actually play football. It’s an important moment. If Nebraska plays well and wins, it at least distracts from the off-field indictments being cast towards Coach Frost and his program. On the other side of the discussion, a loss could catapult Frost towards the firing squad.

Nebraska recorded a porous record during the first three seasons under Coach Frost’s direction. The combined three seasons -- 2018 (4-8), 2019 (5-7), and 2020 (3-5) -- equate to an overall 12-20 mark for the once dominant program. Frost himself played for national championship teams while a quarterback for the Cornhuskers.

Those days seem long forgotten considering the dismay the Nebraska program now goes through almost daily with constant scrutiny from the win-loss record and the alleged violations. Will Coach Frost survive at Nebraska?

Hard to say, but today’s outcome in Champaign, Ill. will certainly be a part of that decision-making process. It’s incredible how things change in college football. Coach Frost would be a great example of that.

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