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Ware County Football, A Waycross Tradition

South Georgia loves its high school football, and Waycross is one of the cities that truly goes the extra mile to support their local high school football team.

WAYCROSS, Ga. - If you have never been to a high school football game in a small Georgia town or city, you are missing out. It’s a big deal for the players, and probably even a bigger event for the people within the community that come out to support their teams.

That’s definitely the case in Southeast Georgia, where the town of Waycross is where Ware County High School resides.

With a unique former minor league baseball stadium as its home, the Ware County Gators are supported by the local community in a way that can only truly be experienced in person. With that stated, here's a look into the world of the Gators and all that comes with those that partake in watching them play a home football game on a Friday night.

While videoing some of the scenery inside the long-standing Memorial Stadium where the Ware County Gators play home football games, one fan walked up and said, “This town shuts down when we play a game on Friday night.”

Even when the football team arrives at the stadium, it's a big deal. Sirens go off and there's a long police escort that leads in seven buses of players, coaches and staff.

With a proud history of football, there are certainly several big-time players that have come through. Star quarterback and UCF commitment Thomas Castellanos leads the Gators, and they also have an excellent running back for him to hand the football off with Cartevious Norton. At 5’10”, 215 pounds, he commonly runs through and around tacklers. Here's a screen pass to Norton, followed by a power run.

These are two of the young men that represent a great group of people. It’s also a microcosm of a Friday night in the Deep South. Football, food and family. That’s pretty much the way it is in Waycross anytime their Gators are coming out to play football at Memorial Stadium.

Castellanos and Norton

Castellanos and Norton

Below, more videos from this past Friday night’s action. Enjoy.

Shallow cross from Castellanos:

Castellanos run-pass option:

Memorial Stadium, mid-afternoon this past Friday:

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Castellanos with an phenomenal pass while running to his left:

Pass to the left from Castellanos:

One of the best legs in all of Dixie, Henry Bates. He knocked in a 47-yard field goal during the actual game versus Warner Robins.

Castellanos takes off around the left end for a big gain:

The last video, a roll left and throw back to Norton. The big fella rumbled to the endzone.

Final Thoughts

Ware County Football represents more than just the high school. It's part of a way community way of life. The people take pride in Memorial Stadium, the way it looks and feels. There's a combined effort to make sure that every aspect of the game day experience is unique and yet accessible to all. The city of Waycross takes care of its high school football program, and the Ware County Gators take care of the community of Waycross.

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